Recently I've started college, and I've been wondering if I'm going down the right career path for me. I'm trying to get a degree in biology so I can continue to work with animals, but my stress level is starting to build up a lot, and keeping up with a job and my hobbies is starting to become unbearable. My school has a circus which I would really like to participate in, but I'm not sure if I'll even make it passed the audition, much less have time to participate in the show with my work schedule. If you could provide any insight that would help me through the next four years, that would be wonderful!
Thank you so much,

Hello Kia,
What you are going through is perfectly normal.
Getting used to the chaos that is college, will stress
the most dedicated of student.
You will want to consider putting some of your hobbies on
hold until college is done. Time and dedication are required
of you now in levels that you have no experience with, so
why compound that with having too much on your plate at one time.

Relaxations, social, and recreational activities are certainly
a necessary part of a person's life. But, there are times, when you cannot
have it all.
Pick something you really enjoy that satisfies the relaxation, social, and recreational need,
and leave all the others alone until your studies are done.

Balance is the key right now, and you are under stress, so, do not be trying new things,
or stretching yourself out too thin, or everything will crash around you.
Maybe the circus should be left alone this first year.
Get used to the routine, and demands of college before branching out, and adding additional
stresses to yourself.
Each year, though your study material will certainly increase in difficulty, and require more and more effort for you, it will not seem as bad, because you will get used to the routine, and demands of college life.
I do see you making it through successfully.

One step at a time!

Blessings to you



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