Okay so for as long as I can remember I have had psychic episodes now I haven't controlled them for say and as far as I can tell can't because it happens when I am asleep and isn't continuous they come and go and I can't tell if its a dream or not until It happens and I remember the dream or have a déjà vu moment, so I was looking to control it and curious if they is a religion the believes in a psychic and see them as normal or appraised not seen as devil worship. I feel it's allot to ask but I am trying to find myself in this mess of a world.

Ok, so, the question is, is there a religion that accepts psychic abilities as normal?

Yes, there are many religions that accept psychic abilities.  Including some sects of Christianity.  As far as I know, 'devil worship,' which I guess would be an offshoot of Christianity, doesn't deal with them at all, actually.

Most of the neo-pagan religions accept and encourage development of psychic talents. I believe some of the Eastern religions do, too.
Opinions within the desert religions vary from sect to sect, and individual to individual.  For example, here's a Catholic vicar talking about telepathy:

Note that, while the Christian Bible has things to say about what to do with well poisoners and false prophets, it doesn't say anything bad about actual prophets.

So, there's never been any association between psychic abilities and devil worship, except in the minds of paranoid fanatics who use that label for everything they don't understand.

If you're looking for resources to help you learn to control you abilities, I have written a book of course. You may also go to and check out the articles and class log areas.


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