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QUESTION: hi Inbal, im writing of behalf of my friend named Shazia Fayyaz date of birth.. 14 August 1978.
she has some medical conditions and isnt very well at health though she has been going to Doctors and getting treatments she doesnt get better. her family doesnt care much about her as she is seperated from her husband around 5 years ago her family feels she is a burden on them and are not willing to pay her even a penny. she has doubts on her mother that shes doing black magic on her and thats the reason for her family not showing warmth for her. she says when ever her mother goes to do black magic against her she earlier used to see orbs then after a while they started beating her and scaring her.. she belives its all done by her mother to scare her and send her back to her husband who she doesnt want to keep any relations with as he has been very abusive with her in the past. could you tell me whether what exactly going on with her is she really being affected by this black magic which isnt allowing any medical treatment to help her...

please do reply as she is eagerly waiting for your response.


ANSWER: unfortunatelly my dear there is no casting of spells exist in this world unless someone is ready to put in their head the idea that their health is depended on external effects only, Your friend also tend to be not very stable mentally and it possible that she suffer from that and bring the idea that as well. this can be the result of being abused by her husband and family and the great need in good food and easing of stress , I suggest she will complete her treatment by doctors with the help of mental support , take vitamin c and take good care of her kidneyes as well as her liver function (iron level in the blood especially) , other then that I am not a doctor and cant really see what is causing her disease but if you wish to share with me her symptoms of suffering when does it happen (how often) I might be able to look more into it.

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QUESTION: Dear inbal
first of all thank you so much for the reply
I also feel the same as you said... I too feel theres nothing of casting spells on her... but she lives I  pakistan and I do know soo many people do this there and idunno how evil people can be to cast black magic on anyone.... we have seen and heard so many cases that we tend to believe that if something bad is happening its because of black magic...

she tells me the things she sees are black figures...they hit her and scare her....I sometimes get freaked... she is a dear friend to me and icant see her in this state... even people havetold her that wats happening with her is not right and that someone is doing bad on her....

she told me usually her clothes a4e slit and patches of cloth is cut from her clothes and her mother is responsible for all.. she has seen her and heard her saying stuff on the fone... nowadays her mother goes somewhere and gets something in powder form and mixesit in water or food served to my friend.... she tells me the color of the food goes black be ause of that and as she eats she vomits...

I dunno wat to say more.... shes all alone now nobody takes care off her I do try to help herout financially at times but cant always....(by the way you predicted for me having a son last year and conceiving after my hubby's bday and it turned out right... I really respect you)

do let me know if want more info about my friend id be happy to share wat she has gone through with you...

poisoning someones food is not a spell its pure crime so does act violence but your friend lives in a country that allow this crimes against female at all time and so the best way to help her is maybe finance her getting out of there to a better country and get some mental help for all the trauma she suffered so far. if she is alone and lives with her parents who try to harm her maybe best would be is to try to connect with human right organization and ask their help in taking her out of there.  


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