QUESTION: My birth date is June 18, 1944.  My question is for my daughter, Lisa, her birth date is August 30, 1971.  She has a serious health issue for which her doctors can not find a cause.  We are frightened that unless her doctors find a cause and the right medication that the issue could easily have fatal results.  Can you give me any info or advice as to where we can find help for her or what lies in her future?

Janet - a fellow AllExperts friend

ANSWER: Dear Janet
I am not a phd its important I say it before I give you this read because you sound very concerned. you also did not tell me what is the syptoms lisa is suffering from so I just checked what numerology had to say about her health in general and then what the tarot had to say about her current condition
numerology wise it is possible that some or more of the symptom are rooted in a mental condition and not only in a physical one as list has a big need for attention and it is possible that she will tend to create dramas in order to get it. I do not say it to offend her or you it is what numerology suggest and many people has the same tendency and they even dont know it. I myself was caughing strongly at certain time in my life and got many antibiotics against it until one doctor simply told me that the caugh will stop when I will decide I dont need it any longer, and she was very correct I started following the caugh and when it is appearing and noticed it is more public sorround that makes it. so its an idea maybe you and lisa would like to consider. maybe she has a need for aproval or being noticed by others and being sick fragile and in danger is one way of getting all the attention you can think of. also timing wise she just entered year number 6 which tend to be more emotional (and fertile) so emotional storms are like water they seem mobile and temporary but they have strong power. I have checked also the tarot and the tarot suggested the main problem is in the lower part of the body (can be the diegestion system and also the liver - checking iron levels and sugar levels would be recommended as well because them and the nerve system can be just what need caring for) I also have to admit that I went to say this because no matter what caused it there is a need in some invasive treatment to help her remove this issue and it is possible that she will be offered a surgery to solve that issue. the cards also suggest she might want to practice long walks (or swimm) if possible as her legs need some activity and practice.
she can get better she will have to quit some attachment and anger and the time frame for her getting better seem to be up to five months from now. with all that in mind I would suggest the following: check her sugar and iron blood levels, also blood presure. try to consider the fact that her mental condition caused that effect and perhaps a bit of spiritual practice can help her over come that. if she can let her practice long walks or swim (great for easing stress and will help with legs condition )
do not give up on checking really carefully her digestion systerm inclde the liver (pancrias) and I hope to hear that she gone well within five month from now.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your speedy reply to my question.  And I apologize that I didn't give you much info.  Lisa is suffering from Grand Mal seizures.  She has no past history of this problem.  The cause seems to be a mystery to everyone.  We fear just one more of these seizures could be the last.  Yes, she is experiencing some stress at this time.  Lisa seems to give everyone else the attention they need; she is a very kind and compassionate person with a heart as big as Texas.  I think she is often taken for granted much of the time.  My heart breaks for her.  Thank you again for your very kind consideration of our problem.
Warm Regards,

I am not so sure why they are happaning and I understand the medicine world is not sure as well and treat them mostly as apilapsy attacks
I still suggest to check the option of changing food taking care for iron and sugar levels and blood presure and look into the advise I gave as they are supplmentary and cant damage her  


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