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Good morning, my name is Sneha (12/15/96) and my boyfriend Quinton (10/20/96) have been in a long distance relationship for a while. Lately things have seemed like everything and everyone is getting in the way of our relationship. Is that a sign? Also, I believe that my ex-boyfriend and current best friend Alexis (7/31/92) still holds my heart and I do not know what to do anymore. I am a confused, emotional wreck.
Also, I'm having trouble choosing what college I would like to go too. I feel as though there is one I am being pushed to go to, but I cannot identify which one. My top college choice has shifted greatly and it also confuses me. I wish to go into pre-med, but all these emotions are causing me a great deal of stress. Please advise me in the best way that you can, in every way that you can. Even if the readings you give have nothing to withy request, I know there is something bothering me or for better words, trying to tell me something, but I can't quite discover what it is.

Dear Sneha,
Have you ever heard the expression, "The straw that broke the camel's back" ?
A camel can carry a huge load on his back, and still work hard, and work well.
But..all it takes is one small straw, and he can no longer carry that load.
This is the case with you.
It is not so much one thing that is bothering you, but a whole mess of small
things that are sending your mind off in so many directions that you cannot
concentrate on anything.
So, you have to clear your plate completely little one.
You are considering a very difficult, and long educational journey. You know this.
You know it will require dedication to the fullest, and a time commitment beyond
that of just your basic education.
You know that in order to do this, you are going to have to make some serious cuts
in your life to rid yourself of stress, and demands on your time.

It is very rare that our childhood loves, and friendships follow us in to the adult world.
Lives change and circumstances change, and people follow different paths causing them to part ways.

What is bothering you the most I think, is knowing that you have to leave these people behind as you pursue your dreams.
Rest easy in knowing that this is okay to do.
Quinton has to be let go, he is not the man you will spend your life with.
Alexis as well, will go her own way.
As time goes in, they will be replaced with friends that share you goals, struggles and dreams. They will be there for you to share your struggles as you go through college.

What is bothering you the most, is just the natural fear of taking that next step in life, leaving your childhood behind and establishing your place in the world.
It is perfectly normal. I bet that some of your worries are that your friends will be mad when you do not have time to go and have fun with them. They will think you are being mean, and no longer like them. You are worried that you won't do well in college, and cannot handle the stress of it all.
All normal, all perfectly acceptable fears.

So now comes the hard part. Clear your plate of all the stress you can, and if that means that you have to leave behind a long distance relationship, and a few friends, then do it. Your life is far more important, and it is now time for you to get a little selfish. Your future depends on that. Being too selfish is never a good thing, but, having some, is vital to your survival, and happiness.

So, focus on you. Clear your mind. Concentrate only on what you need to do for you! Not for your friends, or family..for you!

Go look in the mirror...see that beautiful face, now look at the determination in those eyes of yours. Think ahead to your life as a possible doctor, and all the good that you will be able to do for people...gain strength from that.  You can do this..and you will do it.
You have an inner courage that you have not yet fully discovered.




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