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Hello, my name is Ferne Kaya Deick Pietrzyk and my boyfriend's name is Porfirio Ramirez Vidal. He lives in the Dominican Republic and as he lives in a very disadvantaged area with not much food, electricity or water I became ill and when I fell pregnant (I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant with a baby girl) I had to come back to the UK. Due to visa restrictions in the UK it looks like he will not be able to even visit.

My date of birth is February 4th 1994 and his is January 26th 1993. Since you asked for sexes I'll clarify that I am female and he is male.

My question is do you see us ever physically being together as a family and if so where will we be?

Thank you!

My dear I am so sorry, it sounds like you love someone with a lot of complications around your being together.  From what I can see, the long term answer is yes I actually do see you and he together but it will take work on your part and his and I think ideally you need to find a way to bring him hear. The best thing you can do is research with other people who have been in your situations. Look online if you can. A woman who is older then you will be able to give you advice on loop holes. he might not make the birth, but I can see him coming to your location with extreme work in less then 2 years.  


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