I'm very stressed and depressed, nothing has been making me happy lately. My body has been affrcted by this in negative ways. Never had a girlfriend, never had a loving family etc

But things seem to be changing little by little. I wanted to lose weight and lost 80 pounds. I am still big, yet don't diet or walk anymore. I wanted a cure for my ulcer which use to bother me terribly, I found one yet was too afraid or lazy to use it. I wanted to be cured of my stress disorder, and have been out more times in the last three years then in a decade. I wanted to move and study at Los Angeles and met a man from there who was an expert in the field, he helped clarify a lot for me and told me the price of living. As for never having a date, there were some girls who liked me but I was too afraid to go out, or ask them. I know because I was Previn to this info, and people I know now who knew me then told me I am not bad looking. My problem has always been fear and not moving on, or going for my goal. I have also met a lot of great people lately due to pushing forward.

I was born July ninth 1985. Right now I am seeking someone born on December 28 1989, who I deeply care about. She is the only person in decades who has ever invited me anywhere, or gone out with me. I wish to marry her one day. I also get along with her family. She has sometimes said she might date me, yet other times no because she wants to focus on her kids who are great. I hope one day we get together

Sometimes I wanna give up, then I hear or read or see something g that tells me not to give up. Most people are usually just negative tword me about giving me advice, they think I want some sexual fling.

If you can give me good news that's great, if not then that's ok also

The only thing stopping you from a life you love is you right now. You have everything right in front of you for the taking and all you have to do is take a small leap into it
How wonderful to lose so much weight. I would love to know how you did it.

But for now.. you just have to be brave for 20 seconds each day and try something new. You have found all the answer you seek and for that you should be so proud of yourself. You find solutions and you find the right tools you need to do the jobs you need. You have a crippling fear and anxiety and I think that right now that is all that stops you from being in the life you want.
You can control your anxiety and stress and please begin your ulcer treatment. Don't give up. Raul you are an amazing gift to this world and I think you could be amazing in police work or in medical research or in a field where we get to use your amazing brain. Love will find you..  but right not just try to work on your anxiety and slowly things will fall into place.  


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