I have had a difficult life, a lot of it was with zero support system. Never had a girlfriend, have a intense stress disorder, whole family suffers from stress. This year is probably the best year ever. I've lost eighty pounds, met a lot of likable people, go out ALOT, in the last three years when previously I went out almost never. I kinda want life to progress faster.

A lot of things I have received through spiritual techniques, or perhaps it's just a coincidence. I have asked for many things and received them but they take time. May I share some experiences? When I say spiritual techniques I mean prayer

1. Asked God to be healed of an ulcer. I never was, but found out about a cure, I was just to scared to use it. But I have never had to suffer the more serious effects of an ulcer, I usually only suffer from it when I'm stressed.

2. Asked God to help me lose weight, I lost 80 pounds. Am still big but I don't diet, or exercise everyday.

3. Asked to be cured from stress and found meds that helped me greatly, the people I know at the mall also help.

4.  Asked God to allow me to move to L.A. And study a certain subject. I haven't, but I met a man from there who was an expert in the subject I was seeking, he helped to give me helpful pointers about the subject and the city of L.A.

All these things are either answers to prayer or coincidence. They took several years to come about, except the ulcer one and moving to L.A. Of course I prayed for those a lot, every day and often.

Right now I'm asking for something really important concerning a girl who I'm deeply interested in. Her name is Abby, and ,y name is Raul. I'm wondering if you could tell me anything useful. Forgive me if I'm skeptical, I'm even skeptical about my own beliefs, but I respect you and yours.

I Raul was born July 9 1985, Abby was born December 28 1989. Any advice or insight is helpful.

Hi, Raul,

I can be pretty skeptical myself. :-) But I see that you are a survivor — you have taken charge of your life, enlisted plenty of spiritual support, and seen results. That is wonderful!

Abby is in the same city/area as you, correct? Whether or not you've told her about wanting to move to LA, I think she senses you may not be available for a relationship for very long. She respects and admires you for what you've done to help yourself, but at the same time she wonders if that is going to take you away to bigger and better things. It also feels like she senses your interest but doesn't quite trust herself to know when a guy is interested due to hurtful misunderstandings she's experienced in the past. So I don't think she sees anything beyond friendship with you at this point, but that could very well change if she knew more about your feelings and/or plans for the future. She seems like a very smart and kind young woman.

Hope at least some part of this is helpful . . . all blessings to you!



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