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Good Morning,

My name is Katie (7/14/83).  My boyfriend Paul (8/4/86) moved to Tampa from DC for work.  We had a great relationship and were very close, but he decided we should break up rather than try a long distance relationship.  We stayed friends and kept in contact with each other for the first couple weeks after the move.  Now all of a sudden he won't speak to me and won't return any of my messages.  Can you tell me what happened?  My heart is breaking all over again and I don't know what to do.

Thank you.

Dear Katie,
Relationships are complex, and they consume your emotional time to a considerable degree.
Long distance relationships that do not carry a formal commitment, are even more complex, and difficult to maintain.
What he did by breaking up with you this way, was to choose the coward's way out.
Breakups very rarely are pleasant, or capable of holding friendships.
What you need to ask yourself is, why did he choose to break it off rather than have a long distance relationship? The answer, though difficult to hear, is that he no longer wanted the relationship, period. He is moving on.
Now you need to move on as well. Let him go.
You have a lot to focus your time on right now, stay true to that.
In time, when things have settled a bit, put your heart back out there, and love will find you.

Blessings to you Katie



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