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Dear psychic,
i have met a fantastic man when i was on holidays over 2 months ago. He is caring, kind and affectionate, but very very overweight 150kg. I am athletic type woman who enjoys fitness and is very busy in my own life with interests , education, work, friends.
I started talking to him and we agreed that until December he will try to get himself into proper eating, gym etc. He is trying very hard and i see he wants to do it. Also he wants me to show my commitment to him more. He wants to tell everyone about us , but i am scared of being judged by my friends and family.
As i said that i am a very busy woman, i am working full time and studying and i am not ready to commit to a relationship. Last 2 months we are talking every day, i really enjoy his company, but i started become more stressed as he starting demand more of my time and attention. It seems to me that we have an amazing connection, but he is not attractive at all. I love his eyes and his personality. He makes me smile and at the same time i want to cry.
What to do? I am so confused...
Kind Regards
my d.o.b 05.07.1988 his 24.06.1986

Hi Olga:

I understand completely.  Physical attraction certainly does matter within a couple's chemistry and outlook.  Of course, I agree if your new beau is really serious, he will be motivated to lose some weight for you.  Keep him accountable and ask him his weekly or monthly goals.  And your comfort zone is the one that matters and its your perogative--if you aren't comfortable yet going public with your relationship, he has to respect that.  Just tell him its too soon and 2 months is not a long enough history.  I applaud you for recognizing his positive attributes and not just his appearance--so many girls are so shallow these days.  Appearance can be improved upon easier than one's character!  Time will tell, whether he loses his weight or not, whether you will feel he is right for you or want to continue the relationship. As for the time commitment, absolutely set boundaries for him--tell him, "look, i have to study at this time, and work this time, etc.  you may call me or see me during [blank] hours or on these days, or I will be in touch with you by this day to make plans for a date, weekend, or whatever.  If he gets to clingy or you get uncomfortable by his demands, just tell him.  If he doesn't respect it, cut him loose.  He's probably just crazy for you and wants to be with you--or he could be a control freak.  Good luck either way! life is too short not to express yourself and your feelings


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