Hi my dob is 1st Dec 72 & my partner Stuart 8th Jan 72.we have been together 3yrs.We love eachother but there is no commitment ie living together.Will we ever be properly together or should i move on?I have recently been told by a psychic that i would meet someone else a scorpio .thank you so much x

Hello Julie,
It is so common for sagittarians to think their relationships are going nowhere fast, hehe.
Stuart is shy, cautious, and careful, a sort of opposite to you. There is nothing wrong with this as in the end of things, it can and usually does form a much stronger relationship.
Ask yourself this..if you do love each other, why are you considering moving on? Perhaps what is happening is that you are showing signs to him that you are growing impatient, and he is seeing this as you losing interest. So, as a true capricorn, he will pull back as well.
If you do indeed love this man, then make it work. Show your love, not your impatience. Show "your" commitment to the relationship. Is there a reason to start living together, or to marry? Sometimes, having your own space in a relationship is a good thing as well. Why rush?
When we love a person, we are willing to do just about anything and everything for that person, and if that means he needs more time, then, why not give him the time he needs.
One thing that i do sense, is that you are holding back something from me. Something that you want to keep hidden. I suggest you clear that from your heart and mind, as it may be more damaging to your relationship than you think.
I may be wrong, but I do get a strong sense of something that you do not want him to know about, is hidden within you.

I hope this helps you in small way.



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