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Psychics/Success as a fashion designer?


QUESTION: Hi Nancy, hope you are well-:)
My name is Rachel, female, my DOB: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 AM,
Israel, Tel Aviv.
I've studied fashion design here in my homeland, Israel about 2.5 years ago and ever since had several attemps to establish myself as a fashion designer but nothing seemed to be really working and getting off the ground.
Not long ago i have taken part in a young fashion designers showcase in London and consequently, i've made a lot of significant contacts with people from the local industry and have recieved very positive&encouraging reviews for my designs,
however i'm still dwelling with myself these days how to move forward in order to make money out of the thing i love the most doing in my life!!
I wanted to ask you what do you predict will happen next with my dream of establishing myself as a fashion designer?
Do you see any upcoming opportunities?
Thank you for your help,

ANSWER: Hi, Rachel,

I really don't know much about the fashion industry, but it seems like a field with many stops and starts, ups and downs, etc. I would think it would take a while, perhaps years, to get established.

From what you've said and from what I'm getting intuitively, it sounds like you're doing well but still waiting for that one big break. And I really don't think that's how your career as a fashion designer is going to unfold. It feels like you are going to have a series of successes (like the London showcase) with what might feel like a lot of dead space in between. The key, I think, will be staying busy and happy during those down times. You might even find a volunteer opportunity that lets you use your skills to help others — working with costumes for a school/community theater group, for example.

I don't see a lot happening over the next several months that will actively advance your career, but I do see some opportunities for making contacts that will bear fruit later on. It could be something you organize, like a volunteer effort, or a professional event you attend or help lead. We are always helping the universe create our future. :-)

All blessings,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you for your quick reply.
The thing is that i have worked with quite a lot of English models and photographers as well and i do have a bit of a name but i am still not able to make a living only out of fashion design and that i my goal.
The question is if do you see me at some stage able to make money out of my chosen field? I am collaborating these days with an English model named
Jaynie James.

Hi, Rachel,

I know what you mean. I think you will eventually have at the very least a modest income from fashion design — but it may take some time to get to that point. It's a perfectly reasonable goal to have, but it feels like you're putting too much focus on it right now and becoming frustrated. That just sets you up for burnout and keeps you from moving closer to your goal. Don't lose heart!



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