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I'm Katrina July 8, 1977. I'm unsure if I'll ever see my friend Chris 4/15/78 again, and it's left me wondering if you can see me getting over him soon.I would love to just let go, get over him completely and move on and hopefully be happy with someone else soon. I miss Chris but I'm not sure he even cares anymore.

Dear Katrina,
Each person grieves in their own way at their own time.
You cannot rush through this process no matter how much
you may want to.
He was an important person in your life, so of course you
are going to miss him, and grieve the loss of the relationship.
Give yourself permission to grieve, to feel badly.
Do not try to get over him faster so that you can find someone else.
Rebound relationships never work out. Take this time of grieving
to look over the relationship, look at the mistakes,
and flaws that were made, and the issues that brought the relationship
to an end.
By looking at it this way, you will start to understand why he was
not meant to be your life partner.
Once you figure that out, and fully understand it, you are ready to
go back to looking for your life partner.
If you try this too soon, before you fully understand what caused
the breakup, you will just start looking for a replacement for what you
already lost, which will cause you the same problems again down the road.
This, for some, turns in to that person constantly bouncing around from
relationship to relationship, never finding that one special person
to spend their lives with.

So, slow down, allow yourself time to fully get over it all,
then you can move on.




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