Hi chinhee,
I have a question regarding my career/ job or lack of none. Although I have a post- graduate degree and am decently qualified I seem to not be able to have a got a job in my field - research based involving families for quite  a while  in the past and although I had taken a bit of a break during the past year I would really like to get some form of job this year or get some direction as to which way to go in terms of a  fresh start in career. I am interested in teaching and looking for something involving children, do you see me in the future in employment in this area or am I way off again. I just seem very lost with a total lack of direction when it comes to career/ job which way to head. Please tell me anything you pick up on this. I just got married last year and moved to a new country so it's all very new beginnings and I feel I have a fresh start but don't know where to go. Any insight on anything you pick up will be great
My name is gayle
Dob 19/11/1982

Hi Gayle!

Happy New Year and thanks for reaching out to me.  I believe that because you have had a bit of a break you needed it and now you're ready to get to work.  Your energies are ready and will now you will manifest a job.  I do feel you will get a job in your field and headed in the right direction with working with kids.  I would start at the schools or even smaller businesses regarding children.  I saw you meeting a woman who will help guide you in the direction to your job.  I saw you working in the next month or two.  Hang in there!  Feel free to respond with any comments or clarifications you may need.


Chinhee Park

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