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Hi, my name is Laura Rocha and my date of birth is 9/27/96. About 2 1/2 years ago, I heard very loud drums and lost about 50% of my hearing for 6 months. Then it slowly came back but now I have constant ringing and popping in my ears. My doctor thought I had Eustachian Tube Dysfunction but he is unsure. This problem has really been affecting my everyday life and I find it much harder to do the things that once came easy to me and be as happy as I used to. Do you see this problem ever going away in the future? Do you know on average how many more years or if it will stay forever? Thank you so much.


my feeling right now ( on email) is there will be  a newer invention in 3 yrs a device
for you and others,which will make it very good to have that ear
functional.I certainly feel for your situation,and know you
may have trouble getting even a telephone call right?

that's the "medical part" my healing part
is something related to a powerful way
to over-ride all human "limitations" with
body,adjust the frequency..and other futuristic
ways I have knowledge of.

best to you

call me if you can



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