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Name: Michael
DOB: April 3, 1976
Place of birth: Port Jefferson, New York

 I have been single for a long time do you see me entering into a romantic relationship soon.  Thanks

Dear Michael,

Thanks for writing!

I'm going to go out on a limb here; my first feeling is that, deep down, you don't want a long-term, settled-down, forever-relationship -- at least not now. I see a lot of blips, like you'd see on a medical machine, registering a rapid but unsteady heartbeat, but not a "flatline," and not a smooth pattern either. I know that's a weird way to describe it, but it's all I have.

There's some envy around you; I can't tell if it's coming from you or is directed toward you; it feels like it's related to the still-simmering ashes of a previous relationship that ended abruptly and not well, and you may still be harboring or carrying around some of those leftovers that you could well do to throw out.

I also feel an absence of deep interest in potential partners, and if you want a casual relationship, I can't see anything standing in your way, but beyond that, I'm stonewalled; I feel like I've come up against a huge brick wall. This may be something you've set up unconsciously, in order to protect yourself; if so, it's just good to know that there's a bit of a shield up around you, and people may not feel inclined to knock at your door, so to speak.

There's a lot about your energy that feels it's due to "timing" -- it seems to resonate. For example, I feel like you can make a lot of money relatively quickly, but spend it just as quickly, and the same goes for romantic relationships; it's very hit and miss -- and though I'm not one to use the "destiny" word or idea too much, it does feel like it hits you more heavily than most, and that you even might have an underlying sense of that; it's as if you already have a "knowing" that you're going to have a slow time, then a speed-up, then another break for time alone, and usually, you'd flow well with this, but I feel like you've been spinning out of control, energy a bit too chaotic, non-stop, so much so that I want to say, "Hello, Michael, let me take you aside. Can you sit down here for a moment, take a load off?" and usher you into a nice, quiet parlor with lovely, comfortable furnishings. You aren't relaxed!:)) I just feel tense, and like I want to ask you to slow down, and take some more deep breaths more often, and consider the wider implications of things. Something in your life is going too fast, and it's a little out of your control, and I feel like in some way you want to "cover it up" or "not have to look at it" by conducting love affairs. I don't think romance is the central issue, so I'm back where I started. I think it's something deeper about yourself that you're not looking at; you're wearing yourself out doing the wrong things, if that makes sense, and ignoring either your health in some way or a person in your life who either needs the boot or your straight-arrowed opinion about things. You need to put something to rest. THEN you can easily invite love back in, and romance, and all that light energy that goes with it. Right now, it feels like more of a carousel, and late-night parties or clubs, very transitory, very surface. You can't fill that blank spot in your soul with physical attention only, or surface romance. I also feel you feel physically hungry more than usual and seem to be eating more than necessary; this points also to a spiritual hunger; drink lots of lemon water and meditate more, much more.

I also feel baseball, "the rebel," and the "brotherhood of men," I'm hearing, and a great sense of friends and allies, many of whom feel like your family. The family of origin might be part of the problem here; it goes pretty deep, and I hear the word "plot" or something that feels like it's been kept secret, or that family members don't talk about, and it still kind of festers in the past. I don't think you're going to go right to this and say, "Got it. I know what that is." I think it's going to hit you gradually. Something about your childhood or adolescence feels unfinished, or there's a sore spot left behind that you keep ignoring. Something or someone regarding the month of December. Anniversary, birthday, death date, etc.

So, romance is on hold -- feels like for another good six months or so; you have some other, more needy issues to address first, and then, you'll feel much clearer and focused and ready to approach love with a different slant.

I hope this makes sense, and that it is helpful in at least some way! Trust all joy.

Truth and Beauty,


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