QUESTION: Hi my name is Marsha dowdell im 20 years old my birthday is October 3 1993 I was born in Birmingham Alabama but I'm now living in Montgomery Al. I have a 2 year old daughter.Ok so back in 2010 my life started to go very bad, long story short my twin brother passed away, 2 months later I became pregnant at a young age,my baby's father lied and cheated on me and I was very stressed.with all the stuff I was going through I think may have become depressed,because I found myself giving up on everything and I stayed to myself and I was so sad that I prayed to god and said I didn't want to live anymore,I give up just take me home...I know I disappointed him :( time went by the only person that really kept me motivated was my daughter and by me praying for guidance and better days I felt like these last couple years have been the hardest for me but I can say I became a very strong young besides everything that's been going on I am finally ready to start dating again and getting back socially active so I was wondering when will I meet a nice guy that will lead to a long-term relationship and any description of him and also will I meet any new friends this year thanks in advance I just hope this year be a good one

ANSWER: You went through a lot so give yourself a break and know you never disappointed God he gave you your daughter as a life raft, someone to love. You will be meeting a ton of people the second you step outside your door. As young as you are while you will get married I'm told your soul mate doesn't come in until 28 but know that you will date and meet others before that.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your reply :) I really needed to hear that. And when you said my soul mate will come until I'm 28,do you mean that's when I'm going to marry? If so that's great :) also you said I would meet and date people before my soul mate, when will I start another relationship even though it won't be long term will it be a good relationship overall?

All the relationships you have will be a great learning process and none will be hurtful or negative just the type that teach or remind you of what you want and don't want and re marriage it will be closer to 29 but don't hold me to it you have free will and if a great relationship shows up before be with the person and enjoy it for as long as it brings you joy


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