QUESTION: Hello Kimberly. I'm very interested in the psychic readings subject. I have been meditating a lot for a while and despite getting random images in my mind, I'm unable to make anything clear out of it.. I just would like to know whether you can get in touch with my spirit guides and see if they have any particular message for me in this moment (career or love related or both, and maybe also if they can tell me whether my psychic skills will ever develop!).
Thank you very much!
My d.o.b. if you need it is 27 June 1977

ANSWER: Monica I am being guided to answer in the reverse order you asked. {smile}.

Regarding your psychic skills, they are developing. When you get the image you are 'trying' too hard moving from your 'spiritual body'/senses to your mental body which can block the messages. When you get an image acknowledge the image and do not try to analyze it. As you are beginning you can just right down or draw the image and then go back later to see if it makes sense later.

You have two guides around you working with you to help you. One is female and angelic she has blond hair and a very pale blue gown. She has been around you since you were very young. At times when you were a child she would sit in your room when you were afraid or upset to try to comfort you. Call on her to help release fear associated with opening up to your gifts. The other guide is relatively new to you masculine energy but is not identifying himself to me. Feels warrior like energy very strong. He is waiting kinda hanging out till you are ready. Ugh I almost had his name. Funny I was just given the information that he is attached to the one that you shall meet in the physical world and will bring him to you when you are ready. There is something you are hanging onto from an old relationship that you need to let go of as it blocks the energy of this new male.

I am not picking up anything on career at this moment as my guides are telling me that the spiritual work is necessary at this time. You are in a 4 personal year numerology speaking which is all about discipline and expanding opportunities.

Remember when you get images or it may come through as a random thought, do not analyze it just acknowledge it and let it flow.

Blessings and thank you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Lovely Kimberly, thank you so much for your beautiful message. So interesting! Just meant to ask a clarification (if you can give it) regarding the letting go of a past relationship: the last relationship I had was a year ago, it ended quite badly and yes it took a while to get over it. In the past few months I've developed feelings for someone new, but nothing has happened between us, as he doesn't seem to be that interested. When you (or the warrior spirit) say I need to let go of a past hurt, does it mean I need to let go of my feelings for this new guy, in order to meet someone brand new (that I haven't met yet), or that there is still something deep within me that I haven't let go from the relationship of a year ago? Thank you so much, and what a shame you couldn't catch his name (the warrior) would have loved to know that.. Love, M.

:) The letting go is of the 'bad break-up'. I feel some feelings of 'responsibility'. Meaning that you carry around some 'my fault' feelings, self-blame. Dig deep for this and meditate on it as I feel it runs even deeper than this relationship. Ask yourself "when in my life have situations left me feeling at fault?" "Left me feeling somewhat that had I done things differently"?  These feelings of 'should have' 'should not have' you probably carry around in your should-ers like a heavy weight they may even cause you tension headaches. Change the language from "I should have" to "next time I will" This promotes growth.....

Do not give up your current feelings that are developing around this new person. Just experience them for what they are without expectation. Expectations are pre-conceived resentments.

Thank you for the wonderful rates and feedback and much love to you on your journey.


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