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QUESTION: Hi Kimberly, I think I asked a question from you before but things did not go as planned and the situation is no longer in play.

I met someone new today that I like, although he is a bit old for me. His name is Jay, I was just wondering if you saw a possible relationship or something potentially happening with him?

ANSWER: Hello, I am not certain if you have asked before. I am sorry that I do not recall, I do many readings and cannot recall the information once I have sent it.

Your statement that 'he is a bit old for me', says a lot. You do not say 'he is older', you very clearly stated 'a bit old for me'. This tells me that you already have judged him in a negative light in regards to a possible relationship and this information is what is prominant in your mind. If there were a 'connection' between the two of you the age would not be an important issue just meeting. It would come up later as the relationship was already in the works, so to speak, or not at all.

I feel that you place a lot of judgment on yourself as well, at times. Being over critical with yourself. Jess you need to relax into who you are and accept yourself allowing things to just come into your life without judging whether they are 'good or bad'. When you judge what is coming into your life you potentially block things that may truly enrich your life. And this man Jay could enrich your life in ways that you cannot possibly imagine. Allowing things into your life organically (naturally) does not mean to let people run you over. Boundaries are very very important for you. Try not to judge 'why someone likes you' just accept it. You do not have to analyze all the motives. You have a lot to offer someone when you relax and let yourself enjoy the moment.

What I am picking up is more information on you personally than on a potential relationship with Jay. My guides want you to acknowledge this information. Because it is blocking you from reaching your goals.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No, I didn't mean it like that at all. I am 18, and he is 34. I like older men, but he does not know how hold I am yet. I was just afraid that he may think I am too immature and might not want a relationship with someone so young.

I accept myself for who I am just fine. Do you see a potential relationship with Jay? What do you pick up on his end?

ANSWER: You are a very nice girl and this follow up question again is you judging a situation. I certainly understand, however, I am not getting a connection between the two of you that would give a positive outcome for a lasting relationship. Be careful assuming or fearing what another would think. It is not being fair to them when you do that. Your fears of not being accepted for your age automatically creates a barrier to a relationship. You should be honest with him about your age up front and allow him to make the decision.

Best wishes.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you, I only briefly met him the other day so we haven't gotten that much of a chance to just sit down and talk. We barely know each other, so I understand that you don't see much of a connection right now. I fully plan to be honest with him once I get to talk to with him more, and tell him that I am only 18. So my last question, so you're saying that you don't see a relationship happening at all, or just right now because of the fact we haven't really connected much yet?

Thank you for your time.

It could very well be that i am not picking up because for now it is just an interest for you. Reach out to me after you have had a meeting with him and a conversation to see what I pick up. For now I am not getting the energy of the two of you together. Sorry.


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