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Hello Suzanne,

My name is Michael and my DOB is April 3, 1976.  You answered some of my question before with accuracy and clarity.  I asked you about a women I met over the internet.  Her name is Ekaterina and she is 29 and she says she lives in Russia.  I don't know what to think but my gut tells me that this could be a scam.  The letters sound genuine but I am not sure.  I asked you before about her and I don't know what to do.  I won't ask this question again after this.   Any help would be great.

I remember you Michael and I also remember wanting to take my time in answering you as there are concerns with online catfish and it can be scary
I am shown you have soul mate energy moving in this year but I'm having huge huge red flags which I believe contradicts my previous responses
I do not tell people what I feel they want to hear so I am wanting to just guide you away from this. I'm shown an involvement with money or money requests and I do remember seeing financial issues around her before. For example if she asks for money do not give it. But there is a female in your life or coming in any day now with pure intentions. Your guides say your gut instincts are good! Never hesitate to ask me about anything as your energy shifts things can and will change daily
I call it the ripple effect. For example when you drop a rock into the wAter it ripples and ripples and your actions today do the same thing so you are always changing your energy and your karma
I'm shown a gesture made by you recently that assisted someone else,even if just a kind smile
That gesture impacted your karma in a positive way so that is how fast we can change things


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I am a psychic medium, healer and channeler and was recently voted as #4 in the world in these categories. I am able to answer questions relating to love, relationships, career and money, health related issues as well as emotional and physical health issues. I am an experienced life coach as well. I am also able to connect with those who have passed over. I am also an expert in the paranormal and can work with those who have questions in regards to their homes and places of work. I also offer a one question email reading at and then follow up questions range from $20 to $25 via phone, chat or email. You can also ask for me by emailing, attn Suzanne G for a reading appointment or visit and click on Suzanne. I look forward to hearing from you!


I have been an experienced psychic medium my entire life but have worked publicly and professionally for over 15 years. I love what I do and it is such a joy to bring love and hope into peoples' lives again! I love to do healing work, give back and ensure that others can feel the joy and happiness in the world as I do. I am an experienced life coach as well as experienced with working in the paranormal. I am a theta healer, reconnective healer, Reiki healer, and have mentored with the very well known. I work on radio shows, have been written about in multiple books, as well as television appearances. I spend my time giving back - paying it forward - as this is why I was put on this earth!

American Federation of Psychics, Mediums and Healers - I was tested and verified for legitimacy.

This upcoming February issue of UFO and Supernatural Magazine - inside: that is the link to the magazine I am in and I am interviewed as well as noted that I am in the top 5 for the WORLDS BEST Psychics, Mediums and Healers! I have also written for BelleSpirit Magazine! I am also in the Register of the United States and International Best Psychics & Mediums in the World - #4 for Medium (in the World) and #5 for Psychic (in the World).

Aside from life experience, I also have a degree is Social and Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology; I plan to attend law school at some point but have also attended school in the UK for forensic parapsychology and parapsychology as well. I was born a psychic medium and have always been one actively my entire life.

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