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Hi Nancy, hope all is well with you!
I messaged you before for myself but this time I was hoping to ask a question on my mother in laws behalf.  She has tried herself but usually you are maxed out and I just checked and saw that you were available so took the opportunity! I hope you don't mind.
My mother in laws name is Cheryl she is an amazing person whom I'm very close to.  She was married to my fiancé's dad who unfortunately was not the nicest person and had an affair awhile back.  He left her with a broken heart and a lot of debt.  She has found someone else and is trying to get a divorce so she can move on with her life but he is very cruel and stubborn and we are afraid he will refuse and it will have to go through courts and just cost that much more.  She has also been down lately because of her money situation as well and he has been refusing to pay anything towards divorce and told her she will have to come and find him.  Cherly has also lost many people in her life.  Cheryl was very close to her sister in law Rita and her nanny Florence who passed away a long while ago.  i was hoping that maybe one of them or both may have any messages for her to help lift her spirits and let her know that they are doing well or anything personal to help her.  Also if its not too much to also know if she will be able to get her divorce?  I'm sorry for such a long message and so many questions, I hope you can help.  Thank you so much for any messages you may have for her!! I know she would be very grateful!


Hi, Jennifer,

Cheryl is blessed to have a daughter-in-law like you. Since she hasn't contacted me herself, I'm limited in what I can offer here.

In cases like this, cutting the psychic cords that form and bind us in unhealthy relationships can really help us function better, and it can shift the energy in a way that helps both people let go and move on. It requires taking a good hard look at ourselves, the cords, and the other person — but it's worth the effort. There is a wonderful podcast called Psychic Teachers, which you can find on iTunes or at You can download episodes for free, and the Nov. 11, 2013 and Sept. 26, 2011 episodes both address cord cutting.

Hope this helps . . . all blessings to both of you.



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