QUESTION: Hi Kimberly,
My question is about my adult children who are back to College for their Spring semester. How do you see them doing?
Thank you,

ANSWER: Well, I feel that Alex is going to change directions if he has not already. I see him discovering something about himself after a very minor setback. Nothing major, just not paying attention as he transitions and learns more about 'how the world really works.' Cassie I see as someone who just knows what she wants and is fully capable of getting it. I see her struggling in one class not because she is not capable but because the instructor will really challenge her. She will do fine, but it will be a bit stressful for her at times. She feels like the type that is very curious and enjoys learning but is anxious to 'get out of school'. Feels like she has a lot of energy when her curiosity is driving her.

Overall I feel both will do really well this semester. I see Cassie rolling her eyes at Alex....Is this a common thing with them when they are together? (laughing) I see a lot of science. Let me know if this makes sense.

Many Blessings to you Dianna Feel free to f/u

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QUESTION: The science part is Cassie she is a Nursing major. Very driven and perfectionist . Alex is in Buss. Administration but he has not been easy. He is considering changing after this semester he is thinking of criminal justice ( like his Dad).  Feels lost and like he's not smart. School is hard for him as he is ADD and just started medicine this pAst year. He plays baseball at the College. Will it be better than last year ? And yes Cassie rolls her eyes she is very mature and gets tired of his sillyness and carefree.  Thank you for your time.

Thank you, all makes sense with what I was seeing. Yes, I feel things will be getting better. The change Alex is considering making would be good for him. I see him more acclimated to working with his hands than his head. The ADD explains why I heard 'not paying attention'. Thank you for that as well because it gives the images more depth for me. Something doesn't feel right about his medication, not certain if they are adjusting dose or not, maybe ask the question with his doctor. I feel an adjustment will help him. His physician can work with him and tweak the medication till he 'feels good and expresses improvement'. The business coursework 'is boring' is what I hear. It doesn't really interest him and I do not feel he really knows what he wants to do partly because he does not want to disappoint you. And he feels like he does compared to his sister. This is a huge struggle for him internally, it adds stress to him that he may not always share. He tries to measure up and then gives up and gets angry with himself.

Short term I feel some additional struggles along the way, long term I feel his is going to find his way and be just fine. I am reminded of a saying "There are two things we can give to our children: Wings and Roots and we should never clip either of them".

Many Blessings and Happy Parenting


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