Hi Shepherdess!

You answered a question for me a few years ago and I'be returned to for your help again. i feel so grateful for all the blessings in my life. However, Its been a very long time since I've been in a romantic relationship. Is there a relationship coming into my life in the near future?

Many thanks!

May 15 1976

Dear Johanna,

Welcome back! A lot of people are writing about the lack of sustainable relationships these days, and I feel much of it is due, even worldwide, to too much technology and the resultant alienation. Who can you meet if you don't talk to people? We are losing our humanity as a society, and it's becoming a very lonely planet for so many people.

While you can certainly get off the grid, you still have to maintain the tools you've become accustomed to using, and that means more alienation. So, you're certainly not alone here, but I know that doesn't make it any easier!

I hear "Missouri" for some reason; have you traveled there, or do you know someone there? It feels significant regarding love matters, as does the name "Eric" and someone whose last name begins with a 'D.' I'm also hearing a Spanish-sounding name, and I think it starts with an "F" or an "A" -- and oddly I'm going with a Swedish person, as well, or someone with that ancestral background. Have you been traveling internationally, even "virtually?" It feels like you've widened your scope of possibilities, which is good, but it also feels like they may live in places that are unattainable, location-wise, at least for now. Still, hold on to that. And something about horses feels "right." Almost like your totem animal, so when you see horses ANYWHERE, even in photographs, etc., take that as a sign that you're staying grounded/close to the earth and spirit. Also feel/hear a little drumming, almost like a "drumming circle" for meditation or clarity of mind purposes. Something like that IS attainable near you, and I feel like if you explore the wider metaphysical community wherever you live, you'll meet many very interesting people, but the love factor feels like it's going to stay on hold until wow -- I really think it's going to be a lean year romantically altogether, but I also hear "alphabet soup," so that could mean that you'll be mixing and mingling with a lot of new people who will in turn introduce you to other new people who will be more suited.

I don't feel like you'll end up in a long-term relationship with someone directly in the metaphysical "community" -- but just on the outside of it, like a friend of a friend. And it's a bit of a slow buildup -- it doesn't happen too quickly. I'm also smelling that "dentist's office" smell, so it could be that he's a dentist or works in that capacity in some way. Or maybe you need to make an appointment! And you might run across someone there!:)) I'm also seeing a school, but I feel this is only symbolic, as I don't feel you're going back to school -- it has something to do with being involved with a teacher or a mentor kind of person -- you may have "fallen in love with a teacher" in high school or college, quite literally, and I feel there's a lot to that in your energy in that you naturally look to those who will "make you learn" new things. You're no stick-in-the-mud Taurus at all!

(BTW, please forgive my spelling mistakes, because for some reason this site's spell check does not work, and I have to type right on this screen so I can still see your question.)

A pet says he or she needs more attention! Some pet who loves you or is near you sometimes wants to have more of you, so that's just an aside, but there it is -

I also hear Jean/Gene, Denise, and Emmy, Emily or Emma -- and among those, someone needs a little extra attention, as well. These could be deceased relatives; not sure, but someone wants to be remembered. I never know why this other information comes through when it has nothing to do with your question, and I apologize, but I feel I have to write it down because it may mean something now or even months from now. I just don't know.

I do see "hearts and flowers and cherries," and red lips -- so I'm going with February, Valentine's Day, and I hope it's this year, but for sure, there's some "pink and red celebration" around you, and it's coming up; you just have to wait a little longer. Or it also could indicate that you'd feel a lot better if you could schedule a trip to the spa or take a day-long rest, get a makeover, a massage, whatever you feel you want to do in that area. I don't think you "allow yourself" many indulgences, but this will work very much in your favor and will be well worth the investment/money spent.

I love that you said you're grateful for all the gifts you do have, because universally, that energy just whirls right back to you tenfold, as I'm sure you know. I feel there's a slight taste / feeling of bitterness that you haven't quite released from an earlier relationship -- make sure you clear that, as well; it's very faint, but it's still hanging around, I think -- either that, or I'm picking up that you like licorice!

I hope this helps -- I really don't want to make this seem discouraging at all; you've done a great amount of self-"work" that makes a huge difference in your overall outlook and has helped balance your spirit -- a lot of this has to do with the "new you" adjusting to the energies of other people to whom you USED to feel attracted, but no longer do, and coupled with the alienation/technology factor, it's a little hard to get back into the swing of things, but you'll find your groove; I promise!:)

Much Love and God's Blessings,


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