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I am worried about my future in many fields including finances.
But my question today is if you see thet right love relatiounship coming my way sooner or later and how he will be.
My name is Yasuko,female,Dob.April 11, milan,Italy.

Dear Yasuko,

Thank you for writing. I want to go first to finances, feel you spend too much and too freely! And you know it!:) You can control this and back out of a few "subscriptions" or applications to things that you do not NEED. Think of what you need, only the basics, not what you want. The shortage comes from your tendency to be uninterested in money matters (as many of us are), but I feel you have a few little "luxuries" that you can well do without. I get a sense of guilt that you have over buying/acquiring certain things, and it feels like it's to do with some subscription, service, etc. You can cut that off, at least in the meantime. I don't feel you have a strong head for figures, but that's just how you are; it is not a judgment. It's best to know our shortcomings because it keeps us aware of what to watch more carefully in life.

You have too many "things" that don't serve a purpose, but seem to be surface, as in to "show" what you have. It doesn't feel practical. You're also an impulse spender, so try to avoid shops and do not give in to the mainstream "pressure" to have what everyone else has. These things are just "things" and are worthless in the wider scheme of your life.

Feel also that this finance problem ties in somehow with your romantic life in that you try too hard to look extra-good and take too many measures to buy things to that end, and this, in turn, leaves you in debt and without a boyfriend because deep down, you're sabotaging yourself; you're going for "show" and not substance. And men pick up on this. They want to know a deeper side of you, but I feel you're like a match flickering in the wind, sometimes blowing out too quickly, or leaving potential relationships for fear that they will not work out so you can "save face."

I have a nice, warm, canary yellow color around you, which feels and reminds me of wheat, which of course is a very basic, practical staple -- a very "earthy" need for all people, and I feel you've kind of turned toward "celebrity culture" or how do I say -- the people you associate with really aren't good for you, though they are exciting and fun. They seem like fair-weather friends and want to have lots of things and fun and action, and going out, etc., but this is so "surface," again, and with you, I get a warm, deeper sense of calm that resonates within you very naturally but you're not expressing it because the energies of the people around you stifle this warm, nurturing energy. Certainly you should have fun, but not at anyone's expense but your own.

So, when you're uncertain about your finances, and I do feel this bothers you a great deal -- which is a good thing -- many people just don't care! You wouldn't believe it; they really don't, and then they have a fit when nothing comes their way!:)) So, I am glad you have this concern; when you tie up and straighten out your finances, and cut back on those few things (I know you will know which ones I mean), you will feel you have more to offer a man as a fully mature, balanced, well-bred lady. Right now I just feel your relationships are (and have been) hit and miss -- very short-lived, and disappointing, but you're attracting the wrong types of people because of your energy. This energy is not what I'd call "fake," but you do put on airs and try too hard to impress people, which, again, they pick up, and it turns them off. But you don't want them anyway!:))

So, sort out your money situation, and your love life will follow suit. You must not be seen as a flighty girl who follows the trends but a mature lady who knows classic patterns and that "less is more," as they say. A lot of this has to do with fashion and high-end technology. You just don't need it, Yasuko!

The man I do see is pale in complexion but very dark hair, and it's spread across the front of his face too much, almost like a curtain, but it's that way on purpose. It's a strange style that I don't know about. He has a bike and a car. He does a lot of traveling. I can't quite get much on this because I don't feel like he's coming around until at least April or early May. You don't know him yet. He may work as a messenger of some sort, but he also has another profession; he's sharp and intelligent and tries very hard to get ahead, so that's why he seems to work two jobs. But one is just a side job; the other one is a profession, in a building, and I can't tell what it is; I see him mostly on a bike, weaving through traffic. I feel like he is a Cancer or has a lot of Cancer in his chart. I hear 28, but this could be the 28th of a month, Feb. 8, or even an address associated with him -- or with you, in connection to him, when you meet. Not sure. Seeing you near water, but inside a restaurant with water if that makes sense. Water tank or waterfall inside a nice little restaurant, and you don't go there often, but you've been before or have at least noticed it and have wanted to go, and you will, but you must be patient. That is not your strong suit, either!:) HA!!

You worry too much about others' approval of you; who cares what they think as long as you're content with who you are. I also feel like you just race through life a little too quickly and don't notice or hear your own instincts. Lots of opportunities will come to you if you slow down even just a bit. Make a conscious effort to do this.

I also see a ball of string or twine, and only a short part of it is unraveled; don't know if you have a cat you play with, or you sew or work with fabrics, or if it's a metaphor for a feeling that you're too "wound up" and can't really be yourself or let loose. Honestly, you try too hard to impress others, and will even "take a dare" to do something. Your energy is infectiously fun, but it's also like you've put yourself in first gear ALL THE TIME, and you need to set it on idle or neutral for a while. Most of this year feels like you'll be tending to yourself and sorting things out and deciding what does not work and WHO needs to go -- there are cobwebs that need sweeping away; you're a bit "all over the place," and you also have a few friends who don't have your best interests at heart, so cut them loose. Trust your instincts. They're not wrong. Ever.

I also feel you're either suited to a teaching or a legal profession, and I feel this with the man you'll meet later this year, as well. At first, I don't think you'll really notice him, because he will be a casual acquaintance, but then he will slowly become a friend, and so forth. Let these things happen on their own; if you try to drive the car of a relationship, you will most certainly wreck it! Anyone would! That's a big reason that many relationships fail; people try to control them -- but they take on a life of their own, so just let it go where it goes.

Feel also you can stir up controversy in a way, but use this to your advantage, again, in teaching or in public work, law, or working toward a cause that you feel passionate about. I do see you in a position of leadership, but you're not quite there yet. Use this year to test and fine-tune yourself and trim away all the "fringe" edges that are wasteful and non-productive. And don't be so quick to judge people; give them more time -- pace yourself; you'll be fine and on a completely different page this time next year. I feel really warm about that, and lots of yellow is around you, which is good health, a balanced life, laughter, children, and a sense of the childlike in yourself. You can do it! I wish you all the best!

Truth and Beauty,


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