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QUESTION: Hi Angela B, hope you are well and have a great weekend,
My name is Rachel,female. My DOB is: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 AM, Israel, Tel Aviv.
I have studied fashion design here in my country, Israel 3 years ago. Ever since had several attemps to establish myself as a fashion designer but nothing seemed to be really working and getting off the ground. I do have a name in the English industry as i have taken part at a designers showcase and i do work with English photographers and models, however, i am still waiting for my big break through to occure because i am not able to make a living at the moment out of my passion. I met only about 8 months ago a talented mature English model on facebook named: Jaynie James, this is her professional name. Her real name is Jayne Porter,her dob is: 1st of April, 1974, i don't know her time and place of birth. i really clicked with her professionally from the very first as i really love and adore her work and her looks are very compatible with my daring and avantguarde line. I got a chance to meet and work with her on August in the UK and it seemed as though things are starting to come together as we worked very well together and all of the people from the industry and from both countries have loved our joint work together. A few months ago i had a huge fight with her over a really silly issue and we are not talking to each other anymore ever since which upsets me as i do think we worked very well together and i loved her more than any other model i've worked with. Is it possible to tell weather i will ever sort things out with her in the future as i am planning to arrive again to the UK on Feb for another show? I do believe she is the right model for my line amd can you tell if there will be any developpments soon regarding my line?
Thank you so much for your help,

ANSWER: Hi Rachel!  Happy birthday and happy new year!  So you are very visionary and courageous -- the Guides say that you have 'cowboy type' energy with regard to how  you approach fashion and how you go after what you want.  While Jaynie felt like an angel, a god-send for you as a model, she likes to be 'chased' and sought after.  I see her being very sensitive and not in synch with you vibrationally, to work together. I don't see her modeling for you.  I do though, see a man who is interested in your line and he accompanies you to present it to a group of about 4 people.  I see stabilization with this break in your career coming to you, soon!  Don't worry about Jaynie.  The right model will present themselves after this break for you.  This male will be very helpful to you and he'll understand how you approach fashion.
Best of luck to you Rachel!

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QUESTION: Oh wow thank you so much for your quick reply! Thank you for the birthday greetings and happy new year to you as are accurate about Jaynie, i'm not speaking to her for a few month, she's very unstable and difficult to work with..i'm in touch these days with other English models!
Wow this is amazing news, i am waiting for my break to occur as it is extremely difficult to succeed here in my homeland Israel with fashion.
Can you tell me dear when will this break occure? I am planning to fly to London again next month, i am just waiting for final details these days.

Hi Rachel -- thank you!  It feels like Feb/March -- soon!  Be open and alert to male conversation about your line and approach.  It feels like you make contact with him before you even get to London and then easily meeting with him.  So make contacts now as best you can.  All the best to you!


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