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Hello gipsy hope you are well and have a lovely weekend,
My name is Rachel,female, my DOB: 2nd,January, 1985, 10:00 AM, Tel Aviv, Israel.
I would like to ask you when do you predict i'll have a serious and long-term relationship, as i do date and have dated quite a lot in the past but the right man for me isn't there for me yet apparently. Please feel free to share with me everything you see openly!
Kind Regards,

Lenormand cards - Scythe, Tower, Ship - you want to find the 'right man' frankly because you're tired of being single, and travelling places on your own, you're just feeling a bit lonely and all this searching outside of yourself for happiness is making you feel frustrated. The cards suggest that first find happiness within yourself, and then secrets will be revealed as the right man will be able to resonate to you. Right now, you're attracting all the wrong men because you're 'wrong' yourself.


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