You say you had answered my question before but you hadn't. I hadn't included my birthdate which you asked me for, and I provided.. 22nd October 1917 Then I now receive an email saying you answered!!??

I am currently talking with two men, both of whom are very different. Their birthdays are: 12 May 1972 and 23 Nov 1973. Do you think there is a future with either?

Many thanks for your time.

I have already answered this question for you once before.

Expert: gipsy

:) okay you sounded very familiar, I had a look through my records (so many many pages!) and saw that you didn't read my profile as requested back in July for me to give you a reading, i.e. all I needed was the names of the 2 guys! But I will answer this regardless today. As I can't believe you're still talking to the 2 guys and undecided :) :)

And before you get all riled up with !!?? remarks, remember I am actually picking these up from the question pool....

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Questioner:   Victoria
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Question:   Hello.

I was born 22nd October 1971. I have been chatting to 2 guys. The first one things have fizzled out somewhat but I am trying to keep a friendship going as we do get on very well. The second guy is interested but not sure if this is the one for me. What feelings do you get here. Will things work out with the first guy? I hope this question is posed in a way you can help give me an insight.

Kind regards,
Answer:   I found this at the question pool - let me know if I should answer this for you - or whether you have already received an answer.

If you want me to answer - please check out my profile to see what details are required from you.

Today's reading in October 2014 - Lenormand cards - House, Whip, Coffin - there's no trust between you and either of these guys, you're just hanging onto them because you have nothing better, or so you think. Friends can be fine, but the cards aren't speaking about 'things working out' with either of the guys.


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