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So sorry to hear about your home. I hope all is well with you. This is my same question from before.

My Name is Jana- November 22, 1987. This may be a strange question. I would like to know about my ancestry. My Great Great Great Grandmother on my fathers family was an Indigenous women. I only know or think her name was Mary. I'm trying desperately hard to find out which tribe she was from. Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw? I don't know. I had a vivid dream the other night and want to find information about her. She was born somewhere around 1870-1880 in Georgia, Oklahoma, North Carolina or South Carolina? My dream is to find out if her Native American family is still around today? Can you help me?

Sorry for the lack of information. There are no records of her that I can find yet. P.S. I have donated to your account.  Thank you again!

ANSWER: dear Jana I thank you for your interest in my home and your donation
however this is a very mixed question and I am afraid its out of my cababilty to answer it as it involve dreams and feelings that might not reflecting the true nature of reality . However if you feel like doing a spiritual jounrney you might find your spiritual roots with different tools so I invite you to investigate the language the locations and habbits of each of those tribes and meditate about it , one of those tribes will charm you the most you will feel almost home reading about them and might even see some visions while meditating about converstations you have with them , this will be the good time to look out for existing leaders, shamans or chiefs that claims belonging to that tribe and have them help you find your way to your spiritual home. also using your emotion and your intuition will bring you eventually to your origin tribe weather its register officially as yours or not. human being are re born constantly and it is possible that you have parted some tribes in your past life as well so finding that through visions is not only honoring the way those tribes used to live their life but also stand great chance to complete your feeling of lost . It is a persona journey and deal with your own existence not me nor other psychic can guide you closer to it than your own practice. good luck in your journey I am sure you are going to enjoy it if you put your heart into it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Inbal for your insight!  I'm definetly ready for that journey of finding who I am. The idea of finding my great great great grandmothers tribe didn't exactly come from a dream. My apologies for the confusion. I see how this would be difficult question to answer. It's comes from my family's stories of our indigenous ancestors. I guess I wanted to know if the indigenous bloodline were true in the first place.  Thank you!

once again the way to know your answer is within its in your heart if you dare to seek there you will find it and even if physically maybe it wont be the exect tribe of your great grandmother it will be your true roots or else it wont be there . good luck in this journey  


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