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hi-maria 9/21/65--I have 2renters, georgina and Pete. Each have a room here. Will they pay me for November?

Let's change the question - seeing as I have been volunteering here for a long time, tuning into so many people's energies, will anyone pay me by November? Lenormand cards - Book, Lady - it's all mysterious the cards are telling me.

Next question, if I play the lottery, will I win a million? Lenormand cards - Heart, Clouds, Bouquet, the cards are telling me that money is not what makes me happy, but happiness is from within. Silly cards! Do they not know that I want to know about money and not about happiness?!

In conclusion Maria - these cards cannot help you with money; and neither do I choose to waste my personal energies in volunteering my time on here to answer questions about money. This is an interesting article

"Psychics and healers can be susceptible to psychic burnout if they give too much to too many people too often. Psychics and healers are usually givers who care deeply about others, so they want to be of service and assist as many people as possible. The most important thing for psychics and healers to do is to protect their energetic space and maintain proper boundaries to avoid psychic burnout.......... Some healers, counselors and psychics can have a tendency to undervalue their work, or give it away for free, especially to friends. This can be very exhausting and can contribute to burnout. In our world of duality, there always has to be an exchange of energy, which is what money is - it is the energy of worth and value given in exchange for the service received. If you don't receive adequate payment for your work, you will ultimately end up paying for it......... (Some people hold the belief that one shouldn't charge for psychic work because it is a gift from God. Being a psychic is a Calling, but in order for it to serve the greatest number of people, it needs to be handled professionally so people can find you and receive this gift from you. If you do not charge adequately for it, it means that you have to support your needs in some other way, which will leave you very little energy for helping others with your psychic gift in your "spare time". Certain people are endowed with divine psychic gifts so they can help others, but they must be able to support themselves in order to keep doing that.)


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