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My name is Rocio, birth year 1993. His name is Michael, birth year 1990. My questions is if were going to be together in any concrete form soon? I ask this because I feel like we both like each other, we both want each other, but I feel likes he's afraid and holding back. I might be wrong, but im having a hard time letting go for reason I can't understand.

Thank you

Lenormand cards - Stars, Anchor, Ring - the cards are telling you that life's changed for you, so this is why you're keen to get a commitment from Michael, you want to feel that happy social networking feeling because of recently past changes that have happened to you - things are feeling emotional for you, and you just want something concrete to stand on, something harmonious to play with, someone to rely on etc... perhaps you should just let go? :) and be on your own, if Michael wants he can always find you again...


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