My name is Raylene Smith and my birth date is 07/30/1970 and my friend is Jillian Anaya 10/20/1972.  I opened a school with my friend about 3 years ago.  Although we have students, it hasn't taken off yet and we are getting way behind in the bills(we are the only school of its kind in our area but we can't afford to advertise or anything like that).  I was just wondering if you could see whether or not we were going to get over this bump and become successful (make more than we owe).  Any insight would be gratefully appreciated.   Thank you a TON!!!

Lenormand cards : Clover, Whip, Book - the cards are saying if you want success, you have to work for it, you cannot expect the lucky energies around you to just take you to your destination, you have to put the oomph into it, the drive and determination to make things happen "where there's a will, there's always a way". You want to be business partners? Start acting like one, success just doesn't happen overnight the cards are saying, you have to research, you have to reach out to potential clients who aren't located where you are... you have to have discussions of all sorts with potential folks to get your business to a place, if you don't put the effort into making things happen and simply sit back on excuses, that's what you will have.


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