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Hi, and thank you for considering my question.

I am a Pisces woman born 12p in Edmond, Oklahoma on 3/14/72. I have very strong intuition, and have experienced auditory clairvoyant visions as well as visual ones. But, these are very underdeveloped and I am looking for ways to improve these talents.

Most of the issue is my busy life, that makes it difficult to have quiet moments where I can focus and clear my mind. Can you provide me with some resources or exercises I could use to develop my psychic talents? My mind feels most powerful at dawn, what's the reason for that?

Even at my age of 42, I still feel like I'm missing my higher purpose. I feel tuning into this other side of me is one aspect of finding that purpose.

I was also told by a psychic once that I had a female ancestor who was wanting desperately to guide me. But I'm hesitant to venture into spiritual contact since I don't know what I'm doing and don't want to open myself up to other harmful forces.

I also enjoy writing fiction, and I feel this is another key. Do you have any insights? Thank you so much for your assistance.

hello there Jennifer
numerology suggest that you are indeed intuitive very strong communicator and witht the natural skills to be a psychic but as you said and as your numerology suggests as well you are a multi tasker meaning there are hardly moments where you are in peace and quiet I would even suggest that while sleeping your mind still does thinking work what can indeed bring a lot of dreaming activity while your brain try to process all the ideas that keeps your mind busy all day-
I can not testify about what other psychic told you in t he past but I think you are going to like very very much numerology because this is a tool that help you work with your logic and still find out lot of Magic and spirit within and even work with it to solve your own issues and others .
this will compromise your logic with your spirituality and will give you short immediate satsifaction and joy you will understand how things are rolling can go through exploring past lives of you and others and many more things that can answer or help you clear your visions. start yourself on it find a good teacher to numerology one that will give you the basic and than start yourself on it .
as for talkign to your spirit guides I suggest to seek out the books of Orin this is a series of books that are amazingly helpful you can read them easily at any given time and they can give you a way how to exercise your way to a safe guide that bring much positive changes to your life and sure writing I have no doubt you are good at that because they say that writing is the best tool of expression for multi personality issue and there is no doubt in me that you are indeed very multi within , this is not an insult it is a compliment to be that multi tasker and I condider it a great talents with all the restless time it provided. good luck in yoru journey seeking for more give yourself one hour each day to study something you can do it via youtube google and whats not and it does not have to be the same study daily change the subject and just make sure you learned something new in that day even tiny thingy . pretty soon you will see how all of it come to develope the wonderul many of you that exist in yourself


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