My name is Keishia, June 6, 1992
I would like to know if Chazz, April 4, 1991 is a good match for me?

Dear Keishia,

Which one of you "parrots" or answers a question with the same question - it's a teasing kind of way of communicating; or does he playfully repeat what you just said, or vice versa -- he's also different from you in a few ways -- could be upbringing, place of birth, parents' relationships, different race, religion, something that is different stands out to me but not in a bad way - it adds intrigue. I feel like you're both intrigued with each other but he's keeping his distance - it's a good match energetically, but I feel like he suppresses his feelings with humor and oddly, with food or overindulgence in something to "fill him up" instead of just opening himself to more natural feelings of affection. Also he's a bit different than most Aries types; I feel like he's quieter, doesn't go out of his way to make friends, and prefers to be alone more than most Aries people. This shows that he's selective and contemplative about who he chooses to spend time with, which is of course a character asset. Again, he's intrigued - he sees you like a mystery he wants to solve, but you're going to have to do most of the planning and creating action here if you want it to get off the ground - you're much alike in that you're both calm, centered people, but you have a "wider net" to cast in the world - more talents. He has one specific talent that I think he should or maybe has turned into a career path - but you have several, and you're the more intuitive one; he gets mixed up when he's alone too much, and you have a graceful way of drawing people out of their caves -

Where does Willie or William come in - or Williams - feels like this is in between you - or a close person to one of you. Also back to that "mockingbird, parroting" talk - if this occurs, and if you do it, stop. He does not like complications or much flirting; he's more serious-minded about love - also has he already been married or engaged or had a long-term relationship with someone - he's so young but I feel like he's been down this path before in a sense -

You are really coming in strongly with a lot of intensity - creative, spiritual, dreamer, all those things - and it can throw you into the depths just as quickly as it can lift you up - but if you both can meet in the middle in a place of honesty, sincerity and authenticity (which may take a while due to his hesitancy), there's a lot to be gained from this. You're more spiritual than the typical Gemini; you're psychic, as well. You just "Know" things. Also hearing Hardy, hearty, Hartie, Heartie, Hardeney, something. Feels like a place name - a street address. Hardee?

I can't really get a yes or no on if this would be a good connection because I don't feel you together yet - but the overlying message is, "Watch,listen, give it time." You can learn a great deal about him, and I feel you're a walking encyclopedia, collecting information on people and what makes them tick, and you have tons of questions about people in general and tend to interview them. This is a good quality, too, because you'll never quench your need to learn, which means you'll never be bored. I wish I could pinpoint this more precisely for you, but this is as far as it will take me. I hope some of this makes sense; always keep your readings because things may show up later that aren't apparent right now. You also tend to get ahead of yourself.

You're a sweet spirit and very smart when choosing partners. Just don't choose so many, maybe!

God's Blessings,


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