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I am a female with birthdate 12/11/1956 and in a relationship with a male with birthdate 12/23/1937.  We met through a very unusual circumstance.  I was researching the genealogy of my husband at the time and found them in England. I live in the United States.  His wife is actually my ex's 3rd cousin.  We wrote letters back and forth and then took a trip to England and met.  After returning home, we continued talking and texting and over time fell in love.  We have maintained our relationship for over 2 years now, and somehow managed to be together 5 times. If I didn't believe in fate before, I sure do now!  I could write an entire book about how our lives are parallel.  The problem is he is still married, but only out of duty because of her health.  His relationship with her ended 25 years ago.  I am free to be with him but he is not.  We are very much in love and long to be together. We know because of his age, we don't have many years ahead of us. If I have only 5 years with him, all of this is worth it.  WE have a connection that is truly magical.  Just the fact that we found each other at this time in our lives is a find love and be in love for the first time.  I have an online business that I am growing fervently, so that I can be flexible to travel back and forth. My question is, will we ever be together as we wish? Do you see a future for us?  Thank you for your time.

This is a remarkable story. As a past time I studied soul mates in my 20's and I did not have to look far with you to see and know this is your soul mate.
It is absolutely amazing that you have found each other and that this love is continuing on as it is.
He's a dutiful man to stay with the woman he no longer loves due to her health. I do feel he is completely torn and honestly does not want to do her wrong as each day her health seems to get worse.
I do feel you will have a chance to be with him in the next 2-3 years. He's unhappy and I do feel he will eventually not be able to deny what he really wants for another moment.  


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