Hi Chinhee,

I'm wondering if you see a marriage or partnership in my forseeable future. I'm 30 years old and wondering if I'll ever settle down or have a child. My DOB is 5/19/84. I'm starting a new job in January, and I'm going back to a former employer in a new capacity.


Hi Heather;

Thanks for reaching out to me.  Happy Holidays!  In response to your question regarding marriage, I do see that for you.  I saw 32 for marriage and 33 for the child.  I actually saw 2 children very close in age or possibly they could be twins.  Do you have twins in your family?  Also, I feel like you know or knew the man you will be settling down with.  So he must be someone you went to school with or someone you had a brief encounter with and not in contact with anymore....but you two had a connection.  I feel like you're going to have a re-connection so it's almost like you've been taken all this time you've been single.

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