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hello, i recently found out that i am expecting, i have been on birth control of depo provera and have not had a cycle in over a year. i have no idea how long i am pregnant or if my baby is ok. I am 34 so it has me nervous about complications. I would like to find out the gender of the baby also. Thank you

Wow what happy and exciting news. While not common birth control fails but God never makes mistakes thus this baby is your baby by design. I see a healthy baby and a normal pregnancy. Oddly i must tell you that I am very good predicting the sex of babies and have only been wrong once. But with you I was shown a boy and then I re-read the question and got girl. Wow no help to you whatsoever. Is it possible that you are having twins? Sometimes I predict and then will call my clients and say nope it's the opposite of what I told you and that second time I am correct. The other reason is that you have another baby seriously right after thus both present at the same time. I'm shown a solid girl now SO unless you really want a girl and I am picking up on that, you are for sure having a girl. Please see a doctor as soon as possible so that you can take the vitamins that both you and baby need but know that the vitamins are for you to stay strong and healthy. I am shown it is relatively early so about 6-8 weeks so you must have the depo removed as soon as possible to prevent dangerous hormones which can cause a miscarriage. I don't see that happening but please don't put it off. I am shown September or early October but this could relate to your birthday or  holiday or celebration for you. Please watch for nausea, breast tenderness and know that the worse it is the stronger the pregnancy. Please keep me updated



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