QUESTION: Hi, i'm a bit in crossroads right now. i work 2 jobs a nurse the hospital setting i'm happy with just the hours are never steady, the second job my boss just told me hes joing a group/slowly retiring so my jobs on the line, i've worked with that group before and was not happy. I'm currently in school as well to get my degree, but i'm also thinking of leaning towards a cosmetic side of nursing? building my own clients? being my own boss. Do you see this happening? or will I find new work soon? Ive applied internally at the hospital but no luck.

April 1, 1982

ANSWER: Joanna, it seems there are a lot of options. I got a visual of you writing each thing down and putting in a bag and shaking it up and drawing out the winner. What this tells me is that you lack focused attention on manifesting what you want to do. You cannot leave things to chance, you need to focus on what you want and 'see' it happening. There are opportunities for you outside of the hospital that you have not discovered yet. What I am hearing is that you have not looked enough outside of your head. You have spent a lot of time 'thinking' about what you want to do without making a firm decision. This could be related to the unfinished degree. I again am hearing focus. Focus on completely the task of the degree and making a firm decision on what you want and go after it. When you remove the 'choices' by making a decision, even if the decision is to do nothing but continue in current position and complete degree, the focus will enable you to move forward beyond the crossroads. Any movement forward speeds up the process, where standing at the crossroads looking around slows down the movement. I hope that makes sense to you, and please please let me know if it does not.

I can definately see you being your own boss, but I do not see this in the immediate future, more down the road in the future. I also see you outside of the hospital environment but again not right now. I see you continuing in the hospital for a time. I hear 'put out feelers' make connections, network. The most important message I am getting for you right now is to Focus on one task at a time till the 'crossroads' sign has less arms on it. It kind of looks like the sign from the 'wizard of oz' at present.

Best Wishes to you

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QUESTION: Hi thank you for the reading. My degree has another 3 years left to finish, so long :(
I need to remain in the hospital because my school is linked through them, as for the second job I don't think I will be happy there either.
Do you see me finding anything soon? more stable until school is done? I even emailed a previous job offer at a hospital which i turned down months ago to see if she would take me back but no answer. I'm applying everywhere!


I am hearing reach out again, and see a conversation with this woman at the hospital. I hear persistence and asking for the opportunity on the previous offer. Feels like it is not open but there is still opportunity there of something, even if it is only a recommendation for something else. An actual conversation needs to take place.


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