QUESTION: Hi, i'm a bit in crossroads right now. i work 2 jobs a nurse the hospital setting i'm happy with just the hours are never steady, the second job my boss just told me hes joing a group/slowly retiring so my jobs on the line, i've worked with that group before and was not happy. I'm currently in school as well to get my degree, but i'm also thinking of leaning towards a cosmetic side of nursing? building my own clients? being my own boss. Do you see this happening? or will I find new work soon? Ive applied internally at the hospital but no luck.

April 1, 1982

ANSWER: Hi, Joanna,

I see you staying with healthcare, but I don't see self-employment, at least not right away. It feels like you need to be looking at a different setting — another hospital or clinic . . . perhaps the cosmetic side of nursing that you mentioned. Would that be plastic surgery, aesthetics or something like that? I just get the sense that you have some gifts for healing and making others feel at ease that you haven't really tapped into yet. The second job feels like it's slowly dissolving . . . not much energy there. There is probably a lot of networking and exploring you could do through school as well. Most of all, don't be disheartened — easier said than done — this is an important transition point in your life and career, and you can make it a good one.

All blessings,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Yes it is aesthetics. It's something is like to do independently one day maybe once I complete my degree. For now do you see if I will find anything soon? And yes your right the second job at the hospital is slowly dying off as well so I'm a bit worried where to go from here for stability. There are no jobs posted to apply to.

Hi, Joanna,

For some reason April or May comes to mind as a time when you either find something in your field in another setting or a job that is a little off your beaten track. If it's the latter, you may find it a bit discouraging at first — but it will help pay the bills and get you where you want to go.

All blessings,


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