QUESTION: Hi Christian Intuitive
I can't believe I actually ran into you.  I've had a difficult week due to being at a website where someone mentioned  Past life regression and it appears that Christian people got angry. I tried to point out that past life regression is part of psychology and not religion and several people must have attacked me because the moderators refused to remove someone's post that was a direct attack on me.  The attackers complained because I was using all capital letters but were actually angry because of the words "past-life regresion."   Anyway, I have trouble seeing and so typing in capital letters is easier for me at that website.  Now the moderators are upset with me and I feel like I'm not welcomed there anymore. Instead of ignoring all the complainers they resorted to blaming me.

What is your knowledge on past life regression?  Is this something that is considered anti-christianity? Do preachers and minister teach people that it is not biblical?

I personally see it as another healing method for people to improve their health because that I what I have read.  

Can you please shed some light on this?  Christians believe that we only live once and the spirit goes to heaven and that's it?  Why so much anger about it?  

I really enjoyed going to that website and now I feel totally unwanted there. It's difficult to know what not to say that isn't going to offend someone.

Thank you for sheding light on this issue with past life regression

ANSWER: Warm greetings Mary,

Thank you for requesting a Spiritual, Christian Intuitive reading.

With what you have said, I'm sorry you were treated less than amicably on the website. It may be because most all Christians do not believe in past life regressions. I, for one, don't either. However, that is no reason to mistreat you or be rude to you as you are entitled to your opinion.

The belief in "past lives" has to do with other religions away from Christianity. Yes, I am aware that there are people who teach it but again they may not be Christians. The reason Christians do not believe in this is due to the fact that the Bible teaches us that we live only *Once* and that is in this life we are living here and now. When we pass on, we go to our appointed place but do not return again at a later time, as someone else, anymore than Jesus has returned or would return as another person other than who He is even after 2,000 years. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So is His Mother Mary who has made many appearances on Earth that have been well documented and even photographed. There are wonderful pictures of her on an Egyptian Coptic Church with many people looking on. You can do a search, if you wish, on Internet search engines about this. Despite the fact that she is Spirit now, she basically still appears with the outline of her once human body but is composed entirely of brilliant and pure white light now as do those who are blessed and sacred and of a very high spiritual origin, especially the Mother of God, when they reach the upper realms of spirit.

Mother Mary is often seen with her hands in prayer position praying for all of us here on Earth during her visits.

As to "past lives", this is what the Bible says in Scripture about that.

"And as it is appointed unto men ONCE to die, but after this the judgment: So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation." -- HEBREWS 9:27-28 (KJV)

Therefore, we will pass away only Once and will be judged, and will not return again to this world. When this Scripture speaks about Jesus appearing a second time, it means He will appear just as He once was and not as another person. That is why Christians do not believe in 'past lives' which would indicate that one would "die" then come back again as another person, die again, and return as yet another person while each time continuing to sin and having many chances to 'get it right' in the process of sinning. That is obviously not our belief but again there are at least two religions that apparently believe in reincarnation. Christianity, however, is not one of them.

I believe that the website certainly could have handled the situation differently on how you felt about this matter and while they obviously took a harsher position they could have simply agreed to disagree with you, in a nicer way, imho.

Sometimes when things like this happen it is Spirit's way to call attention to what you are speaking about and to show you another way for your consideration. It may, however, not be a very popular thing to discuss 'past live regressions' on Christian websites as you found out.

Christians are entirely correct in saying that we only live once in this world. When we get to the world of spirit, we will live forever, for eternity in spirit there. However, they would not be correct if they also stated that ALL or everybody goes to Heaven. They do not. In order to attain Heaven, according to the Holy Bible, one must first give their life to Jesus Christ by becoming Born Again, that is, by being Saved by Him. That is what assures us that we will get to Heaven. Those who do not do this face other places other than Heaven at their appointed time. But besides becoming Saved, which is first and foremost, what also matters is how a person lived their life while here in this world. If they were charitable, loving, forgiving, compassionate and grateful towards God and others, that will surely help them when they pass away and make their transition back into spirit, though that alone will not save them or get them to Heaven as the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ.

So, I hope you now have a better perspective about "past lives" and "past life regressions." It is bound to leave many Christians incensed over this issue by those who advocate that position. God, however, gave each person free will to believe as they wish. However, there are consequences because each person, once knowing good from bad, and the One Way towards salvation if they refuse to take that way, that is their personal choice but their soul and spirit can become imperiled. That is to say one is either WITH God or they are against Him. There are no other options. But one need not fear having to return to this cruel world again as that simply will not happen according to Christian teaching, beliefs, and tradition.

Thank you for your excellent question, Mary! May God bless you and guide you to your proper path where you will enjoy the fruits of your labor and succeed in all that you do! Thank you for requesting this spiritual, Christian Intuitive reading. Please know that God loves you much more than you will ever know!

My favorite Scriptures:

"Jesus saith unto him, I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me." -- JOHN 14:6 (KJV)  

"Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." -- JOHN 3:3 (KJV)

For Serious Consideration:

Prayer To Become Saved - Born Again. (To be said Out Loud.)

"Heavenly Father, I come to thee with contrite heart as I am a sinner who acknowledges my sins. I ask for your forgiveness and also come forth to declare that I Believe and Accept that Jesus Christ is my LORD and Savior who became incarnate and that He is the most beloved and only Son of God. I believe that He was crucified, died, and was buried for my salvation but arose on the third day through God and sits in eternal glory with you, Almighty God. I thank you for coming into my life, my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, and I will follow you all the days of my life. Amen."

After saying this prayer meaningfully and out loud, you are now a New Person through Jesus Christ and He will accept you into Heaven when you pass-on according to Holy Bible Scripture.

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Thank you for shedding light on how Christians view past life regression.  I understand their point of view about Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary coming back as the same person.   At the same time, I don't see that Virgin Mary as still having her body that she had when she was on earth.  So the clothes and body we see of her is an illusion.  Jesus Christ maybe different in that he probably took his body with him when he ascended into heaven.   If we did come back, we would come back as the same spirit but in a different body, so what defines a different person?  The spirit or the body?    I've heard Christians say that in heaven when we no longer have  body, we can choose to look what ever way or age  we choose.

Thank you for bringing clarity that Christians are taught not to believe in past life regression.  I only wish they didn't have so much anger towards the mere mention of the words.  I personally don't know what to believe and I hold no opinion one way or another.  I respect what ever people believe.  It certainly has been a learning experience.  Thank you very much for being here to enlighten me.

Warm greetings Mary,

Normally, a person gets one reading and one follow-up question. You have now met that quota however, you have asked some questions that deserve an answer therefore I will make an exception this time to continue with this discourse which must be the last question answered for a while. Therefore, thank you again for requesting a Spiritual, Christian Intuitive reading.

And you're welcome! Your question about the Virgin Mary returning as she frequently has done in her spiritual body of light is not an illusion on her part. There is much information to understand on this and that is why I offer an *Afterlife* Option for such discussions. But for the sake of brevity, you must understand that those who have left this physical world enter immediately into their Spiritual Body which is an exact double of their physical one. However, those in the world of spirit no longer need a physical body there as we do here. We use our physical body here to become animated and to be able to do things that this physical world demands of us such as eat, walk, sleep, breathe, etc. In the higher dimensions a person still retains their personality, their demeanor, and their general attributes however they do no longer have a need for a physical body since they do not have to eat as we do here, nor talk or breathe therefore, they have no use for lungs and a voice box there, nor for doing other things the physical body here is used to doing.

In the world of spirit everything is mental as opposed to it being physical here. While here we must get into a car, train, bus, plane, boat, etc. in order to get from one place to another, there we will merely have to think about where we want to go and we are there just that fast since all happens in that dimension by pure thought alone and as fast as your thoughts can determine where it is you want to go. The Virgin Mary still does have the very same body she had on earth however, because she is now part of the spirit world that physical body is of no use there to her or anyone else who resides there. Of course, at any time she wants to appear in a physical body either here or there she may do so by pure thought alone. But why do that since a physical body would be a great impediment to one who is now in spirit. This perhaps is one of the hardest things you and others may have difficulties in understanding because no one has been there yet in order to know what I am talking about. Those who have had NDEs (Near-Death Experiences) and have returned after minutes or longer of being declared clinically "dead" before they were revived have returned to tell us that life indeed continues there unimpeded but in different ways from that here. The story is all the same from the thousands if not millions across the world who have undergone this experience. They all still retain their body just as here on earth only it is a 'body of light' as that is all they need there. They still wear clothes, shoes, have the same hair, etc. but of course it is not in a physical body. Thus, Mother Mary does not come as an "illusion" as you put it but rather as a high being, the Mother of God, who has progressed so high into the highest dimension where everyone becomes light. You see, the higher the dimension you progress to, the more of your physical body you shed and the more light you gain in its place. People there are identified by their aura or light.That is all I will say on this for now as it may be hard to grasp what is being said and I would rather you and others understood it as simply as possible.

Jesus Christ did take His physical body to Heaven because He is both man and Divine but He does not need it there as being in spirit He can appear to others as a being of pure light but yet retaining His full physical body just as His Mother Mary can and does. Those in Heaven can generally also revert to any age they wish to be that is why sometimes Jesus appears as a child being carried by His Mother and she of course, can appear in her physical body during that time, though to others who are not Divine or blessed it would require them to lower their vibrations a lot in order to appear again in physical body as they now vibrate at a much higher rate and do no longer have the denseness of a physical body.

You say: "If we did come back, we would come back as the same spirit but in a different body, so what defines a different person?" Actually No. We would first of all not come back at all according to God who is the God of ALL others, the Christian God and One in the Holy Trinity composed of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. He is the Creator of ALL that is, therefore, He should know and has left word for us, in Scripture, about us having only One life as previously told to you and shown in Scripture.

You further ask what defines a different person? A different person is one who is set completely apart from another. That is to say, no two people can be exactly alike and a different person is not you and you are not that person either. They all have their own characteristics, mannerisms, memory, etc. therefore, we do not come back to this life for a second time, losing altogether who we truly are and of course we would not change into someone else since we retain our full body double in spirit forever and our own unique characteristics that we have earned for good in this life just as Jesus and Mary and all others have.

Christians are taught not to believe in past lives because that would not be correct to believe in since it does not exist. We can only learn what only God knows to be true and what He provides us with as our Creator who is omniscient and who knows ALL and we are therefore taught the Truth about this through His holy word. Whatever other beliefs come about such as beliefs in "past lives" come from other religions but not from Christianity. Christianity is Very FIRM in that We Live Only Once here on Earth but of course when we return to spirit we shall live forever, for eternity in our Spiritual body. At first, when we initially make our transition into spirit when we cross over, most who are properly aligned with Jesus will arrive at a place that looks much like earth but with different qualities. Things are much brighter, more colorful, more animated. There are rivers, mountains, grass, flowers, houses, schools, etc. where they may go depending on God and if He directs their soul and spirit there. He also directs non-believers to their own appointed place separate from Heaven and that is devoid of all light, happiness, and love. That is why it is important to join God through Jesus Christ and become Saved thus, Born Again in order to Insure that we will join God in beautiful Heaven when we pass on instead of going to a place of void for eternity, unless that is a person's preference and choice. And those who do not love God nor accept Him of course will not wish to go and join Him in Heaven when they pass on, now would they, and they will certainly get their wish according to their free will choice.

Again, I can see you are very interested in learning about this matter which should be of great interest to everyone since I have always felt that it is better to know Now what to expect when we cross over than to wait until we are there and then have to learn about things which can cause great confusion for many.

Thank you for your additional questions and should you have more you are welcome to contact me again in a few months time. May God bless you and keep you safe and happy always and guide you in your work and mission while here in this world.

P.S. I was about to conclude but Spirit wanted me to stress again and let you know that a person has been given their Free Will Choice by God and they usually know, or should learn, what is expected of them in order to be Saved to be able to join Him when they leave this world. Therefore, they can choose to go directly to God and all His splendor, light and love for eternity by choosing Salvation or they can deny their own salvation and instead choose, by their own free will, to send themselves into a dark void for eternity. When they choose the latter option, God is of course very disappointed since that person is still a Creation of His but He will nevertheless allow them their choice and as such they will remain in another place other than Heaven with God and Jesus.


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