QUESTION: I am currently healing and moving on from an ex-acquaintance of mine named John Love(6/19/1994). John had wronged me last semester and also accused me of things that I had not done. This semester, we have two classes together, and at the beginning, I was feeling uncomfortable with it. I talked to my counselor and my counselor suggested writing down a letter stating what I knew and what I did not do. My counselor talked to the Dean(John and I couldn't have any contact with one another, and the Dean agreed to meet with John to discuss my letter. My counselor told me that according to the Dean, John understood the letter and where I was coming from, but he still wanted no contact with me other than face to face, which is fine because I have no interest in wanting to be friends with him. My question is: Why does John stare at me in the classes that we have together?

ANSWER: Jordan,

first I do not understand this statement you made because it is contradictory....
"but he still wanted no contact with me other than face to face"

The above says no contact, but face to face is contact...

He stares at you because there is unfinished business, there has not been closure for him. He has questions and things he wishes to voice to you. Things he will not say in the presence of others and the inability to get alone to talk to you keeps these things eating away at him.

You have two choices, 1) stop acknowledging his stares and move on and let him deal with his own things on his own. or 2) approach him and allow him closure in a public area. This will be emotional.

I hope this helps you with the clarity you seek.

Many blessings

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Okay thanks.  How will it be emotional for him?

It could be emotional for both of you because he has unresolved issues. I just feel that he will not say the things he wants to say to you publicly that is all. I feel you have basically let go of any attachments to this person, but he has not. It is your choice whether to give him any opportunity to speak to you. I suggest moving on and not acknowledging the stares.

I do not feel that the two of you are in the same place in life and it is not a healthy relationship for you on any level, whether acquaintance, friend or other.

I hope that this helps.


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