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I am a woman living in Europe.As it is becoming  very difficult finding
steady work I am considering  a Country move if things do not get better
Do you suggest a move elsewhere?
My name is yasuko.Dob,april,11,1973.female
Thank you

My dear,
first of all I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity, to see through you and give you insight as to the matter that concerns you.
Due to a small illness I was a little late in answering your request, later than I wanted to.
On with your reading now..
Yes, I can feel through your words your insecurity and troubles. You seem to have been through some personal disaster, it could be the loss of a job, or of a beloved one or some other misfortune that shattered your being. The good news though, is that you have been over the worst part of it. What you need is move forward.
The prospects if you stay where you are seem to be really dim. Though you seem to have made some connections, left your 'trace' which is one of sweetness, you seem to have offered love there, not just your professional skills. But even this love now is not enough, it somehow leaves you 'weak', it cannot feed your being which needs sharing and fulfilling relationships on all levels.
If you choose to look for a job elsewhere things will not be easy. Mostly because there seems to be a fear in you, some sort of a pessimism, it could be because of a series of disappointments you have already experienced. I feel that the main obstacle is in you, you need to regain your optimism and put a real smile again on your face.
As to where you could go and improve your living conditions.. I get an image of a place where you used to be when very young, perhaps a place you have memories from.. You could as well have left some unfinished 'business' there, and this could be related to your own feelings mostly. Intimacy, memories from a time you were a tender being, or some other inner connection, for some reason this does not seem to be a 'completely new' place, but instead one that has some emotional meaning for you.
Overall my dear, I get the feeling that there still are some harsh times in front of you, but not so hard as those in your recent past. There could be some depressive bouts, still, and some moments when survival will seem difficult. But I feel that the sky will soon be brighter for you, and a star of hope will emerge. You just have to make the first step towards this change.
wishing you love, health and lack
I will be happy to hear from you again, how you are, how things are evolving in your life


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