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My name is Jordan and I was born on May 3, 1994. The person also involved is named John and he was born on June 19, 1994. Towards the end of last semester, John had wronged me. He accused me of things that I had not done. I was hurt because I felt betrayed. Now this semester, we share 2 classes together, and I found it uncomfortable. I went and talked to my counselor about it, and he suggested that I write a letter to let him know what I knew/what I didn't do. John was able to rad my letter through seeing the Dean, and the Dean said that he understood it. I just wanted to know: why does John stare at me in class? Did h really understand where I was coming from in my letter?

its a good question for sure.

the vibe I GET from this guy is to "pin you down" and
gain power or "what he thinks" is control over you
its coming from a bit of envy,jealous and simply
bad ideas in his mind,about things that came from
his home life..

my psychic impression Jordon,is he is not
to be trusted again with your bond of friendship
and he would do worse then next fact
maybe even make a bad reputation,or worse.

don't bother with "making it right" or
working on it like a mystery..drop the fool

he is not a good sort ok?

peace, angel


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