QUESTION: Dear Kimberly,

How do you think I can best communicate with my Daughter when things are upsetting between us and do you see us spending more quality time in future?,

I wasn't sure if you needed birth dates or her name but I can private message them,

Thank you for anything you can see or advise,


ANSWER: When I read your question I see two people who are both a bit stubborn. Like mother like daughter. You both get stuck in your opinions and do not want to budge until the other person gives a little. It is about being validated, and having your feelings validated. This is something you carried into this relationship with your daughter and she learned from you. The best way to open up the communication is to validate her feelings and then talk about why it was important to validate her. This will open an entirely new relationship for the two of you. You will learn as you teach her about this form of communication. By validating someone else's feelings it does not take away your own. Saying 'I understand...' means a lot sometimes.

I would be more than happy to provide further clarification if you wish to follow up with her first name.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Kimberly and thank you for taking the time here to pick up on our situation!

My daughter's name is Sorrel and it is true that we 'lock horns. I have not always appreciated or validated her position. I struggle with my own feelings of  frustration and sadness due to illness that I am not like 'normal' mothers and the extra stresses this puts on our relationship.She knows I admire and support her adventurous spirit and following her passion but I do feel upset with her when she doesn't seem to think of family and friends who are not on her immediate horizon1


Expectations are pre-conceived resentments. What this means is that if you 'expect' her do something and she doesn't then you are going to have resentments towards her or some other feeling of disappointment. In her mind, she does think about her family and friends even when she is not reaching out or her behavior does not show this. She is very independent and this can sometimes look like she is aloof or disconnected from the rest of the world. For her it means not bothering others with her 'stuff', but moving full steam ahead on her own.

Think about when she was little and ask yourself where she might have heard "I can do it myself".

Questioning her motives or casting any blame in her direction causes her to shut down emotionally and pull away. Also be gentle with yourself, I sense you sometimes beat your 'self' up emotionally.

She will be there when she is needed the most, her family is important to her.

Many blessings


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