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QUESTION: Edson, thank you so much for giving up your time to share your gift with those of us here, bless you :)

I have three questions, which I really hope is alright...

My birthdate is May 10th, 1984, if that helps?

I have a friend I feel very close to, Rhys, and in the past people who have been my 'friend' have hurt me badly...I'm really hoping it will not be the case with him as he has always been very genuine and kind so far...Is he a true friend, who will stay in my life?
I know you must have been asked this question thousands of times, but do you see love for me? I'll be 30 in a few months and I've never had a proper boyfriend...I'm at an age where it's starting to weigh heavily on me, and to be honest, really getting me down because I feel like it will never happen...Can I encourage it towards me somehow? (I feel silly asking that but hopefully you understand what I mean?)
Lastly, is there anything I can do to encourage better health, love, and good things towards my mother? (Yvonne, September 19th, 1957) She's a good person and I feel like she can never catch a break, and it's starting to wear her down and make her feel older than she should be...I'd like to help her life be better but not sure which direction to take..?

ANSWER: Dear Lauren,

I will answer the first two questions together, as they are affected by similar influences. Please feel free to follow up with the question concerning your mother, as I prefer to more specifically focus on one prevailing stream at a time.

You and Rhys are very well matched as friends; your command of interactions with others mentoring his energetic intentions toward caution and circumspection. He will need this, as a peer is already within his circle, who counsels him otherwise. To follow this influence would be to Rhys' detriment, as the glamour of this friends façade conceals callous and mercenary imprecations. Your keener vision will reveal this influence to you, and you may spare your friend permanent damage to his youthful spirit.

You and Rhys will continue as friends. Distance and circumstance will separate you, but the bond will remain.

This ability to help others with your presence of mind and command of destiny is not particular to the situation with Rhys. You nobly care for others, and have done so throughout your life. It has brought you joy and honour in many aspects of past engagements, and afforded you a comfortable measure of material success. It has, however, cost you in the loss of amorous opportunity, though at the same time, protecting you from the devastation that these separations might have wrought.

In caring for others, you have neglected to afford yourself the privilege of being cared for. This is not easy for you, for it means releasing some element of control, and you shrink from the majesty of those who might tenderly and wisely care for your heart. As you have given so much to those about you, so too do you deserve the kind offices of them in return. To open yourself to the opportunities for love, you must expose yourself with reliance on their beneficence alone. You are wise and courageous, and cannot be easily destroyed. Rest faithfully in this knowledge, and the risk it enables will open you to the love you seek.

Safe Harbours Are But Stops on Journeys of Discovery,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your time, and your answer :)

A little confused about your answers (especially how to draw love towards myself) but using this follow up to repeat the question about my mother, as she is my world and it's much more important to know about :)
Is there anything I can do to encourage better health, love, and good things towards her? (Yvonne, September 19th, 1957) She's a good person and I feel like she can never catch a break, and it's starting to wear her down and make her feel older than she should be...I'd like to help her life be better but not sure which direction to take..?

Thank you again so much for your time, and your insight. :)

Dear Lauren,

You have drawn, do draw, and continue drawing love to yourself. One of the energies that create this attraction is your consistent action and intention toward helping others. But it also has kept your focus on others, rather than on yourself. Transitioning from care-giver to care-receiver is a difficult challenge for most who similarly devote themselves to needs of those in their lives. There are many factors, some intentional, some circumstantial, that often hinder us from receiving the love that we, so effortlessly, bestow around us. Relax and have faith; faith in yourself and the wisdom you possess; faith in others and their ability to similarly provide for your needs. Though simple in concept, the often difficult task of ameliorating our singular focus on the benefit of others must undertaken, that we may welcome into our lives the love which others wait to share.

Yvonne is very much like yourself, and has devoted her life to those around her. You honour her in maintaining this legacy, and share the same rewards and challenges that it bestows. Together, you may welcome into your lives the blessings that ever attend you both.

An exercise that many similar partners find helpful in this is to take holidays together. They needn't be extravagant vacations, but simply opportunities to devote time and energy into indulging yourselves in those things you enjoy. Take care, however, that your shared desire to please each other does not draw you into sacrificing your own respective needs and indulgences. Compromise is fine, and you both are masters of that art, but sacrifice should be tempered with recognition that you each deserve to enjoy, even in merely capricious desire. If successful in this, you may both open yourselves up to the bounty and blessings that are ever at hand, which you both deserve, and for which you both seek.

Well deserved pampering is, by no means, spoiling,



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