My name is Emily born in Montreal,qc,canada. (18.12.93) I have a group of friends from high school and I wonder if our friendship is dying. They never want to hang out & because of this I feel like breakong away or cutting them off but they are my only friends... Their initials :Elo 29.3.94 Nao: 17.9.94 and Mf : 11.4.94

I'm sorry I can't put their full names because they might google their own names and since you can access anything with google nowadays I don't want them to find this

Dear Emily,

Thank you for writing. First thing I feel/hear: "Move beyond high school! Look beyond; seek others -- this and these people have already been placed in the past, and you can't connect with them anymore because you aren't supposed to."

You're all meant to move on, but you're going to soar a little higher than they, and I think they sense this and are beginning to get envious. You've attained some distinction, some sort of prestige, it feels like, or you're on a constant quest for it.

I also feel you are going to have an opportunity to move away, as well, and they may, too, but I feel you're just much more instinctive and tuned-in than they are right now. A few (one, in particular) may not have the opportunities you will have, and they may face limitations that are largely SELF-IMPOSED. This is very key to the situation; it feels like one in particular has allowed herself to remain "stuck" and doesn't want to move on or grow up just yet, but you got past that very quickly and effortlessly. You are full of ENERGY!

Cut them off. I don't LIKE to be so direct, and I don't mean to TELL you what to do, because ultimately, your intuition will always be your best guide, and you should always remember this, Emily: Trust all joy. I say this a lot because it means a lot and can be applied to just about any situation. But I say "cut them off" because if you're not feeling the joy, it isn't there. Don't try to make something work that isn't working. It's not your fault; likely, it's no one's fault; it just "is." I also feel like deep down, you kind of want your freedom to explore and just be you, yourself, without them all the time, and you may feel guilty about that, but knock that off!:)) No need! Guilt is worthless; expansiveness and growth is rich and full.

I understand and feel that you are very loyal to your friends and even protective of them, so much so that you can assign a level of commitment to friendships that most people don't, and that's a very admirable characteristic. But you can keep these friendships; just put them on a box on a shelf, in your mind, and wrap it up like a gift, because that's ultimately what it is: You've had this creative, abundant time with these people, and that time will never change; it's part of you.

You and they all seem to be very high-energy; did you play sports together, or were you cheerleaders -- something is very "active" about this connection, as I'm feeling it in the past, and it's also about hard work, training, and understanding that this training is necessary and important in order to get it right.

Does the N person have something to do with music and/or gymnastics -- feels like a strong but quieter personality, can be jealous, but would never "throw a fit." The M person feels like a workaholic type, very intense, but keeps it all inside, like you can feel the volcano brewing, but it never quite erupts. Simmering kind of energy, secretive, even tends to press her lips together or do something with her mouth as if to show she's tight-lipped, and "not talking about it" sometimes. Really logical and a great planner, though. The E person is the more mystical one, or the one who is less like the rest of you; very sensitive, nervous system problems, sleep problems, headaches, and very close to a mother figure or is a "natural mother" or something.

It's nothing against you, at all; it's just time for you to fly higher and to other areas and people. I can hardly believe you say "they are my only friends" as if you won't make any more! Are you kidding?!:)) You'll ALWAYS have plenty of friends because, again, you're so loyal.

I hope this helps, and I hope I've been discreet about my reply.

Truth and Beauty,


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