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My go to name is carey and my bdate is 03/26/73 NJ.  How is money looking for me and my family in the near future?  Will things get any easier for us soon.  How are things looking in general for the near future anything good on the horizon we can look forward to.  Please feel free to let me know what comes up for me other than finances If you feel I should know.  I am very thankful for the time your giving to do this reading for me.

Dear Carey,

Thank you for writing. The first thing I pick up about you is your lack of self-confidence! Where did you put it? It's been pushed down somehow, and I feel it has to do with a "packed life" and lots of people who depend on you for too many things. You can't be everything to everyone; you can't get ahead if everyone wants you to fix this, go get that, etc. Everything got kind of scrambled up, it feels like, in the past few years, and I feel it has to do with family in general or one person in particular who has been ill and requires your assistance. I also feel I'm with a family of four, but there's a five here somewhere, seems to either come and go, not be present all the time, or is on the way, or is the one who needs assistance due to an illness.

You have a great many talents, but you've been "pushed down" to the extent that it's caused a lapse in your confidence level and a scattering of energies, so I want to feel more focused and stop wearing so many hats and give back to YOURSELF for a change: You can achieve that by going with the energy that this year has already started to usher in, particularly related to increased activity in your professional life, which I feel will cause a conflict with your domestic/personal life. Still, though, it's necessary to let go of things that are no longer needed; there is no room for see-sawing or staying on the fence; it's about completion and transition and releasing things and people that no longer serve their purpose. You've done enough (more than your share, to be honest) for others, and now it's finally time to take that burden off your shoulders and give of yourself by expressing your sympathetic, compassionate side. But do it for YOU, and for your job, career; not for all these other people standing there with their hands out.

I feel like you're definitely going to break a few connections with people this year, but it's been simmering for a long time, and I feel this is part of the reason you wrote; you have an instinctive "knowing" that you must do something independently to remove yourself from a certain person or situation that no longer works well. It holds you back, and I believe you know exactly what/who this is.

With this, your job focus may change as you can literally "make room" for a new direction, and I feel you're going to do something related to security (you are very security-minded and careful and cautious as it is; it's one of your strengths, so why not turn it into a job?) It's about taking care of people, but in a more indirect way, like looking out for the common good. I get military or law or police work, security/investigation around you. You have a knack for strategy, competition, and negotiation, and I feel these natural abilities will become very useful in sports and business areas, or both, but I'm still in the "protect the public" domain; can't quite swerve away from that.

It may not be a job in policing per se, but it's "around" it, like interviewing, investigating, gathering information, researching, cameras, surveillance. It basically comes down to helping people find safety and good will, because that, in turn, will make YOU return to the roots of your "best self" and feel a great sense of accomplishment. I also feel like you'll leave a job or a field because it no longer works for you; again, I feel you already instinctively know that it's time to make some pretty significant changes, and they do NOT have to be stressful; when you care for your life, you sometimes have to put yourself first, and when you do, people will respect you more.

In a sense, I feel you want to strike out or make sudden moves in an extreme way or on impulse. I have a strong feeling that you want to "get out of this place." Upheaval in your love life is likely, but if you're prepared ahead of time, you'll use your negotiation skills wisely. I don't think this is going to go over well with about three people, and you'll hear a lot of dissent, but you MUST stick to your guns and do what you know in your gut is right for you.

Other fields, career-wise, also come to me that have to do with making things or people more attractive or entertaining, or something that is related to entertainment. You're going to feel really dynamic, almost to the point of impatience, but don't lose your head; just "expect the unexpected," and know that so much of what used to work just doesn't anymore, and there's no one to blame; it's no one's fault; it just "is."

Now, remember that a sudden break or end in a relationship instantly, by virtue of the universal law of give and take, opens another door, so I do expect you'll find new relationships; you certainly won't be alone -- plus, there won't be any time for that!:) It's like you're bored with what is familiar and want something unusual, even foreign, to your sensibilities. If a certain relationship seems to threaten your sense of freedom, you may be able to separate from it rather easily, though some fireworks are to be expected, as with any change.

I feel also that you may want to do some writing, because your self-expression is ready to "burst!" It will be easy to get your point across, and you'll find that by May, or the 23rd of a month in particular, may stand out as months or days in which you'll be able to express yourself with greater compassion and warmth. As long as you approach all of these challenges with honesty and integrity, no one will be able to fault you. And always trust joy -- it never lies:)

One last thing - I get attention to detail as being important career-wise, that your finances will swing up and down, but level off in the "up" position by October at least, and don't get sarcastic; feel it's a tendency, so keep that at bay as best as you can. Also work with painting, horticulture, arranging flowers, anything of natural beauty is strong. You have so much potential! Good luck!!

Truth and Beauty,


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