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hi, my name is Marsha my date of birth is October 3 1993 and i was wondering, will i earn my Ged this year? i'm not really satisfied with where i'm at in life right now,i haven't really accomplish any of my goals and i feel like the reason why is because of my fears.. and i just want to know will things get better for me soon? thanks

Marsha, Your Personal Year for 2014 is 2, so I think you have a good chance!

 This is a year to carefully protect and nurture your plans.  You will be like a mother watching over her children, conscious of every threat, real or imagined.
   You need tact and cooperation to keep yourself moving forward.  There will likely be confrontations with others, requiring a subtle and gentle approach.  You will have to stay focused on your goals, yet use intelligent persuasion.  Being forceful may work against you; compromises will work in your favor.
   You will be unusually sensitive and may wonder at times what happened to the drive and momentum you felt last year.  This year requires something else from you now -- a delicate sense of balance and a willingness to go around obstacles, without losing sight of your goal.
   You may experience some emotional depressions and frustrations.  The year is marked by struggle, but there are many opportunities to advance your plans.
   This is a year of slow growth, requiring patience.
   Be discriminating in your associations and secretive about your plans.  Don't talk too much about your ideas; be a bit secretive; guard yourself and your ideas.  You are somewhat vulnerable this year.
   This is a good year to improve yourself through reading and research.  Asdf, your growing awareness of the less visible and less obvious aspects of life will make you much stronger and better prepared for the future.

   May is the pivotal month in the year.  You are extremely intuitive and sensitive.  You are also self-reflecting and better able to influence your peers and situation through spiritual awareness.  July brings a culmination of plans and a distinct step forward.  August sees things become more concrete and brings a new beginning.  September is emotional, requiring adjustments, tact, and inner resolve.  The 2 year is a year of growth and advancement, but through gentle means, and the indirect use of your personal power.  


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