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Hello psychichelper my name is Krystal born October 4 1988 and I have some concerns pertaining my job. I don't kno what's going on but I do kno that nobody likes me. I haven't done anything to anyone but I did have a issue with one co worker. I feel targeted and it's not a good feeling. Maybe u can tell me what's really going on and how I can handle the situation. Thanks

You are being targeted. It seems like a Girl with an A in her name decided you were the one she did not like and she took the road of immature high school girl and turned everyone against you by lying about you. She told them you were mean and did bad things and that you were someone people should avoid. All you have to do is try to ease into each person at your own pace. You are none of the things she is accusing you of so talk to each person one on one and you will see people change towards you.


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Well this one to begin with. I am also a volunteer on some other non profit sites.

Nothing yet, But I will keep you posted.

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