I would like to know if you see any more kids for me in the future. My birthday is march 28th 1980. My name is candace smith and his name is daryll clay April 5.


Hi Candace,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read for you. Following is your reading;

Candace, you know intuitively that children is an exciting event. You know already when the time is right you will have children in your future. However, it seems as though there is something hidden from view. Who is the one who is disciplined and has their mind set on being well-organised for children before anything can happen? I feel this is the block why there is no more children at this time? I feel as though big decisions need to be made before deciding on having more children.
On a lighter note, I see another child in the near future if decisions have been made securely and I see this happening between 4-8 months.
I hope I have helped Candace

love and light to you.  


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