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Hi when do you see me meeting someone whom I will be in a long term relationship with? Or what will his career be?


April 1, 1982
Jastrzembie Poland

Dear Joanna,

First I need to rummage around in your energy...despite what you say, it feels like you are bored and don't really seem to need or especially want a long-term relationship right now; something or someone may be still nagging at you from the past. I feel a lot of sentiment, nostalgia around you. Feel like there is one person you can't quite forget, and this subconsciously prohibits you from moving forward.

It could be that the "boredom" I'm picking up on is the disappointment you've encountered when meeting new people, potential mates, etc., and that no one can quite compare to either a first love or someone you continue to put on a pedestal, and I feel that though this is over, this person also thinks about you, but I don't feel you getting back together with him. He's at a distance, but he's near your heart.

I feel you also need and like control in your love life, and very few men meet your standards. You won't settle for less, and you shouldn't. I feel like I'm "acting"; literally putting on different faces/personas for people to match their personalities. You can do this to a certain extent, but again, you shouldn't have to try to mold yourself to another person; if you are willing to wait for a "good fit," you'll find happiness. And this comes up with the month of September being significant, whether it's his birthday or when you will meet him.

I feel like you need someone who is a trailblazer in some way, like another Aries-type person with a lot of drive. You need someone to "match" you in your skill level, education, even someone who does something similar to you regarding a career. When you are at your best (and being yourself), I feel you tend to attract researchers, teachers, or people who "show others the way" -- leaders in a field that feels like either social work of some sort, medicine, or education.

Another thing: You may be drawn to extremes rather than what is steady and routine; it's like you're on a constant quest, and nothing materializes because you're quite intense and don't like the word "compromise." (Neither do I, and I don't do it well!)

Oddly, it also feels as if you continue to expect success in a relationship long after you've attained it, as if nothing is quite good enough. If you could balance some of this energy, I feel you'll have better luck with the people you tend to attract, because right now, I feel you're thinking, "This person has nothing in common with me! Why am I with him?" or "Why do I keep getting these types?" Be fair to yourself and come to terms with what you really want; this will require you to dig more deeply into your psyche and take a good, long look at what you want in a person -- essentially, I feel very much like you would do well with someone who "mirrors" you or with whom you can work, and who makes you laugh, lightens you up, and can match your intelligence level. Stop settling, Joanna! You're better than what you're "getting." And though patience isn't one of your strong suits:) I feel you'll find someone sooner rather than later if you really begin to filter out those with whom you have only mild interest; trust your instincts and wait until you feel the need to walk right up to a person and label him "yours." You're assertive and self-confident enough to do this, and I feel it will occur around music, a live band event, but a small venue. I feel like it will hit you right out of the blue and that you'll approach him directly. He may even have something to do with music on the side, but it doesn't feel like his career.

I hope this helps; I tend to blurt out whatever comes to me and hope I don't come off as too brusque; my true intention is to help, but I have to watch myself sometimes in the way I tend to speak and the words I use, so please bear that in mind. Part of your energy feels also "in a spiral," or very chaotic, in that you've spread your efforts in this area too far and wide, and much too thin. Tighten up and gather your deepest needs and interests and don't cast your net so widely. You'll find him when you're NOT on the hunt:)

I wish you truth and beauty,


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